Oh, to stop and smell the roses.  Did you do so today?  This fragile blooming beauty not only soothes our eyes and fills the air, it of course makes us pretty too.  Rose petals are a wonderful decadent, yet feminine touch to food and to skincare. But first, lets find out what beauty benefits these delicate petals can provide us.

  • Roses bestow upon us powerhouse Vitamin C, which is key for skin regeneration, fighting free radicals, and dodging wrinkles
  • Rose petals cleanse toxins from the body
  • Rose eases painful menstruation (a sunny disposition couldn’t be more crucial at this time)
  • Rose boosts beauty rest by alleviating insomnia symptoms

Ok, let’s get rosy with two ingredients and two recipes!

Note: all roses used must be untreated (no pesticides, etc.)

Fill bottom of a pot with petals from 1/2 dozen roses.  Pour distilled water over petals just to cover. Heat pot to make steaming hot, but not boiling.  Remove from heat and let petals sit for 30 minutes or until all color has been drawn. Strain water and squeeze excess from petals. Cool and store in sterilized bottles.

Spray or swipe on face a couple times a day for power-packed moisture. Need a more powerful toner? Add witch hazel.

Use the rose water in the kitchen too!  (Here are three recipes I can’t wait to try 1 / 2 / 3 )

This is a simple one that I got from Sweet Paul.  Just slip one petal into each square of an ice tray, fill with water, and freeze.  It is a beautiful garnish for cocktails, punch, and just good ol’ water.

photo via Sweet Paul

Feeling rosy?  Share your rose beauty treatments or recipes in the comments below!


  1. Ooh, can’t wait to try this toner recipe!

  2. When we’re purchasing the roses or rose petals- do you have suggestions on what we should look for to make sure they would be safe to consume?

    • Beth, farmer’s markets are a great place to find untreated roses. Flower marts may also carry edible flowers. Ask a florist for guidance, they may even carry untreated roses too!

  3. Okay… I know I am a very strange girl, but I’m not into roses! Are there any other flowers you would recommend? Orchids come to mind, but I do so hate the thought of plucking their petals for toners or cocktails! Lavender?

  4. AHHH! Love anything w/rose oil/water in it. It makes me soooo happy. Rose water is also a popular ingredient in some Persian rice and dessert dishes. Yum* million!