Vintage Perfume Bottles

Now that we are making our own toners and using all sorts of oils, wouldn’t it be lovely to pour them into beautiful vessels to adorn our vanities?  I’m a firm believer that beauty should be a full sensual experience, so our packaging should never suffer, especially when it comes to DIY beauty.

I love looking for old perfume and chemist bottles at flea markets and antique stores.  Today, I went perusing through Etsy, and look what I found!  There were so many, it was so hard to pick.  Pictured above are a few of my Etsy favorites.

Tip: Sterilize the inside of your bottles before use. Use vodka and a bottle brush. Let vodka sit overnight, pour out and let evaporate.

How about you? Do you have any vintage bottles on your vanity?


  1. Lovely your roundup! My mom and I have mother/daughter dates centered around hunting wares at the little antique shops. Etsy is a fun fill-in for finding fun goodies on the fly in between!

  2. These are awesome!