Fright Night 2012

Halloween is creeping up on us here in the States.  My boyfriend and I are still brainstorming our get-ups.  I love getting dressed up, as you may remember here and here. I get so excited to get into character, it is the only day of the year you can call me an actress.

I am sure a lot of you are decorating your homes and scheming on costumes now.  Which begs me to ask…

After you let us in on your costumes in the comments below, try these DIY drippy nails from Honestly…WTF. Make sure to use healthy nail polish!

Speaking of fright night, how about this eeeeeerie DIY ghost for your yard? Total chill inducing.

I can’t wait to read about your costumes in the comments! Boo-ya!

Bloody nail image via Honestly…WTF


  1. Ooh, just Pinned the drippy nails…so cool and easy!

  2. Halloween is my other half’s HOLIDAY! (seriously, we’re in Cabo right now and while I do a little work he’s sitting at the dining table working on his Halloween costume). He’s entered into and won a few costume competitions! I love seeing his imagination run wild paired with his incredible ability to translate a concept. This year we are doing our very first couples costume in 7+ years fo being together… stay tuned for what it is! 😉