CND Shellac Power Polish


I’ll be honest, I’ve been trying to avoid the shellac craze because I thought it was all sorts of toxic and expensive.  Also, since my nails grow so quickly I didn’t think any shellac-ing would be cost efficient because my “roots” grow out too soon!

I became instantly enlightened when I visited the ultra pro nail technicians of CND a couple weeks ago at the Be Well Expo in Los Angeles and had my first Shellac manicure.  I learned a lot while Sylvia was painting Pretty Poison, a beautiful deep ivy color, on my fingers.  I had a couple false ideas that instantly got overturned and I embraced those truths with open arms. Here they are…

False: Shellac nail polish is not 3 free.

Truth: CND’s Shellac is free of formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP)

False: The UV lamps used to cure shellac will cause skin damage and speed up skin aging.

Truth: CND’s own UV lamps emit a very low amount of UV, which is equated to 15 seconds in the sun.

I absolutely LOVED the zero dry time, because I notoriously chip a nail 30 minutes after every manicure and I just don’t have the patience during a manicure. Even though my nails are growing, I’m going to keep Pretty Poison on for awhile.  I’m just so happy to not have chipped polish, since I am notoriously aggressive with my nails (I slammed my finger in the car door just last week and no chips!).  Plus, the grow out may turn out to be cool graphically, especially if I paint the new nail a contrast color or create a half moon mani.

Sorry, CND Shellac Remover Wraps…I may not be using you anytime soon! (Yes, I know the longer I go, the longer it takes to remove)

To get your Shellac manicure visit one of these CND Shellac Authorized Salons

 How about you? Do you Shellac?


  1. You know I’ve been addicted to Shellac for a couple years now! Love my chip free mani!!!

  2. Yes, I Shellac! The first time I started doing Shellac was about…July of 2012 so right after it came out. I love how long it lasts, how shiny it looks, and their color selection.

    I have tried other brands that are similar to shellac and in fact find them to be just as good. So many wonderful options.

    Thanks for sharing your opinion on Shellac!

    ~Jocelyn (Nail Artist @ Polishpedia)