Is GH Cruelty-Free?

I received an email last week regarding an extremely important topic and cause.  I think this is a great opportunity to create further transparency here on GH.

Do you support and promote products that test on animals?


A: There is only one brand that I have reviewed that tests on animals: Coppertone.  A couple of their sunscreens were rated high in the EWG’s 2012 Sunscreen Report.  Being that this is the only mainstream sunscreen brand that rates high with the EWG, I wrote about it as a commonplace and cheaper option for readers in skin cancer prevention.  Everything else on GH is cruelty-free.

Being that cancer prevention is a big cause here on GH, avoiding carcinogens in products is the number one task.  Unfortunately, the conventional tests for carcinogenicity are on animals whether on rodents, animal embryos, or mammalian cells. Scientists, science groups, and government initiatives are pushing for and working on alternative methods to test for carcinogenicity. In fact, the EU Cosmetics Directive will prohibit sales of animal tested cosmetics after 2013.  This deadline may be pushed back a couple of years as they try to establish alternative toxicity tests.

I will feature only cruelty-free brands on GH from here on out.  Just know that carcinogens we are avoiding were unfortunately determined carcinogenic from other animal tests…for right now.

Marlo, thank you for emailing me.  Discussing animal cruelty on GH was long overdue.

How about you?  Are you a cruelty-free conscious consumer like Marlo?

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  1. Handled with such grace. Thank you for ‘stepping it up’ and being true to your mission, Monique!

  2. Brava. I try to be completely cruelty free. I have had to forgive myself some mistakes along the way because the information is so confusing at times. Where do you draw the line? Is it enough that the brand itself be cruelty free? Does the parent company also need to be? I think this is a matter of conscience, personally, but I am just wondering where you or your readers make your line in the sand, as it were. I think it’s an important issue and I’m grateful to find another blogger who is cruelty free only.
    Thank you and I’m glad I found your blog!