3 Tips For A Safer Manicure

It is nice going in for a manicure and pedicure, right?  While we are consciously safe and using 3 free, 4 free, and 5 free nail polishes, here are some easy steps you can do at your salon to make every experience all the safer.

This is pretty basic stuff and we have covered it before on GH.  If you are unsure of your nail salon carrying healthy nailpolish, bring your own.  Check out the list of 3 free, 4 free, and 5 free nail polishes here on GH.

We’ve all been there. Your feet have been soaking in the warm bath and then your nail technician brings out some bright colored exfoliation scrub for your feet and calves and then stings the hell out of your calves with some Pepto-Bismol colored lotion she quirts on your shins for that dreadful calf massage (Is it just me? Those massages kill every time).  Make sure your broken skin soaks in some good stuff by bringing your own healthy moisturizer. (Probably a good idea to decline the scrub too)

If you aren’t being blessed by the low UV dryers by CND, then you must protect your hands from UV damage.  No one wants prematurely aged hands nor skin cancer, right?  Bring your own healthy sunblock or use fingerless gloves (apparently some nail salons now carry fingerless gloves for their concerned, albeit educated, customers).  Or, you can put the kibosh on the UV lamp altogether (that is if your polish does not need to be be UV cured).

See, there is no need to stop our pampering in fear of toxins.  We deserve to be pampered! 

Got any more ideas on how to get safer in the nail salon? Share the safety in the comments below.


  1. have to admit that I probably get a mani/pedi 3 or 4 times a year… I’m mostly a DIY-girl, doing a quick polish swap when I have 30 minutes to myself! When I do go next, I will be bringing my own gear and staying safe while being pampered.