Should I Cut My Cuticles?

This question is for my mom.  When I do get manicures, I always tell the nail technician to push back my cuticles, just because it was advised by mom a long time ago, who is a hairstylist and learned how to do proper manicures in beauty school.  I never knew why…only that it was healthier for the nail.

So, I asked her this week.

Why, should I not cut my cuticles?

Cutting your cuticles encourages more aggressive cuticle growth, therefore will grow in thicker.  The cuticles are a crucial part to the finger.  It protects the nail bed from infection and it shelters the new keratin cells while they grow, encouraging faster, stronger nail growth.  Cutting cuticles removes that protective, incubator barrier making your fingers vulnerable to bacteria and stunted growth.

So what do you do for your next manicure and pedicure?

Just tell the technician to push them back and to only cut the hangnails.

Moms always know best.


  1. Vana Khanjian says:

    Thanks for the tips, Monique!

  2. Alexandra says:

    My mom always told me this too! Now I know why.


  3. So true! Deborah Lippmann says the same thing when she educates all our customers at our big events too!