Zoe Organics Giveaway!

There has been a big missing here on GH since it is inception…I’ve neglected all you beautiful baby mamas and all your gorgeous babies.

Well, I’m going to drop that habit  by launching GH Mom + Babe features with a GIVEAWAY from Zoe Organics!

I consider Zoe Organics a refreshing and innovative brand in the ever-growing pregnancy and baby care industry.  The line is not only soothing and nourishing for baby, mom, and the whole family, it just looks plain smart.  The packaging and brand design is fantastic and fresh.  If you know me, not only do I want products to perform, I want them to look good!  Since Zoe Organics really pulled at my natural performance + design heart strings, I must start off GH’s Mom + Babe coverage with them.

Heather Hamilton, named Zoe Organics after her niece who lost her mom at 3 years old.  Zoe’s mom Suzanne was a huge inspiration in Heather’s life, so she thought her brand deserved nothing less than be named after Zoe. Heather sought out to develop a skincare line that combined performance, luxury, and social responsibility for the whole family.  Here is Heather with her daughter Grace showcasing all that is Zoe Organics. I just get a kick out of Grace putting the products in her mouth!

Zoe Organics is generously giving away a choice of a Pregnancy Gift Set or a Baby Gift Set (pictured above) to one Goddess Huntress winner next Tuesday, November 27th! This is such a fantastic gift for the holidays or for yourself!

For your chance to win a Zoe Organics Gift Set, leave a comment below with your favorite holiday memory as a child.  

The winner will be announced at the bottom of this post, November 27th.

Update: The winner is Krystina!!! I will email you soon!


  1. Coming home after midnight mass and opening a gift! Oh I just love all my childhood Christmas memories….hoping to keep the magic alive for my kids:)

  2. Christmas carolling!

  3. Going to see the tree at Rockefeller Center with the family :]

  4. eating Scandinavian fruit soup for supper and opening our stockings on Christmas Eve.

  5. Going on a sleigh (pulled by 2 big horses) through the fields and forest at night! Then getting into my pyjamas and dancing with my cousins by the fire.

  6. Favorite memory is different than my stand out memory. My stand out memory is setting my preteen hair on fire thanks to my overusage and the flammability of aqua net- I have since left those types of products behind!

    My favorite memories are cuddling on the couch with hot chocolate and watching the holiday specials and movies with my
    parents- starting with the Macy’s thanksgiving day parade. I think those times were comforting and reminded me of the time that I went to the Macy’s parade (although it is much warmer and better viewing from the couch!)

  7. Taking MY children to see the Christmas Spectacular at Rockefeller Center.

  8. A family Christmas in northern CA in the mountains. All the adults got us up early, still dark, and took us on a hike with lanterns to the top of the mountain to watch the sun come up. You could smell the crisp trees on the way up. They had packed coffee, hot coco, homemade muffins, and blankets to sit on. We watched the sun come up over Clearlake and the distant mountains on Christmas morning. It was magical. Everyone was so quiet, soaking in the moment. We ended up having a huge breakfast in front of the fireplace when we got home. I’ll never forget it…its one of those ‘remember when’ moments for our family. I can’t wait to create those for my own kids someday.

  9. My grandmother taking us to the Nutcracker at Pacific Northwest Ballet. The sets are by Maurice Sendak and so unbelievably wonderful and magical. I can’t wait to take my own daughter and she’s only 1!

  10. These products seem delicious! Love the video too. Happy Thanksgiving to you too:) My favorite holiday memory was our christmas parties and having all our family and friends come over to our house. Good food, great company and glorious singing!

  11. My favorite memories aren’t specific instances, but rather our family tradition of going out in the evening to see all the Christmas lights in the neighborhood. :)

  12. My dad was in the Navy so my favorite memories were when we were Able to be with our family (grands, aunts & uncles and cousins).

  13. My favorite memory is falling asleep in front of the fireplace waiting for Santa to arrive.

  14. There are so many, but one that always rises to the surface is of me as a child, sitting on the couch and staring at the wondrous beauty of the Christmas tree. I’d squint my eyes so that the little lights would turn into long, glorious beams of white light, and the tree would be a blur behind them. It seemed as close to magic as I’d ever seen.

  15. One of the memories I have of Christmas time was when I was about 5. We had just moved to a small house in the country where there was a huge old pine tree in the front yard. Money was tight that Christmas, but we had a great time watching dad climb 35+ feet up the pine tree covering it with Christmas lights! We were so proud of dad’s work. I remember we had snow around that time as well and it was our first Christmas with snow angels, snowmen, and of course dad’s huge Christmas tree in our front yard!

  16. A favorite memory of mine is watching the thanksgiving day macys parade while my father made my sister and I breakfast.

  17. ellen willett says:

    always loved the parades

  18. Angela Heffner says:

    My favorite holiday memory as a child was when we would drive around as a family singing Christmas carols, looking at all the Christmas lights. We’d then go home and have hot chocolate!
    Was a great time!
    angela_heffner at yahoo dot com

  19. Marla Schad says:

    when I was a kid, we’d make christmas tree ornaments on Thanksgiving day just after eating. Then we would all go out and cut down a real tree and decorate it the first week of December.

  20. kristen grey says:

    I remember my parents taking us to church before christmas to the craft fair. It was so much fun. We made so many different ornaments and advent wreaths! I miss being a child sometimes!

  21. We used to get together with 2 other families and for just $5 a night could rent a whole island to ourselves! It was so much fun exploring all the pebbly beaches, fishing off the rocks and at night time, trying to catch the call of a rare native bird.

  22. So many good memories…but the standout was receiving a puppy when I was nine years old. It was a little more complicated than just getting the puppy which made it all the more special. Bingle was my dear friend and companion and that old dog was in my wedding album!