Love Your Lobes

This week one of my beloved friends had a mole removed that had atypical cells.  To be specific, her mole was diagnosed as a Spitz Nevus, which used to be called “benign melanoma” back in the day.  A Spitz Nevus mole is generally benign, but since hers had atypical cells she will now be on watch and have her skin checked every 6 months.

This little bugger of a mole was on her ear lobe.  I immediately thought it was her left ear, since it has been more exposed by her driver’s car window.  It turned out to be her right ear.

Now that we are in the colder months (for most of us reading this), we have to be mindful of what parts of our bodies are exposed every day. Just because it is colder, doesn’t mean that the UV rays are in hibernation!  Just because you are in your car, doesn’t mean you are shielded.

Pay attention to your ears, neck, hands, and scalp during these months and all year round. Protect with SPF and self check!


  1. I ‘lobe’ you MO! Thank you baby! I went on your site and ordered sunscreen from your “hunting” shop. THANK YOU!

  2. We do tend to get relaxed in the Winter and the sun rays can be just as harmful. Ever see those skiers with that ring around their eyes from wearing the ski mask? My husband was famous for that and the sun is more damaging as the rays are reflecting right off of the snow! This is a very good reminder. Great post. xo

  3. Marissa Lluch says:

    Good reminder!
    Thank you