Naturopathica Oat Facial Polish

Let’s face it, the colder weather can affect our glow, no matter how much glow-inducing water and vitamins we take in.  Dry patches, rough skin, and thirsty pores.  That cold air can just zap the moisture off the surface.  Not only can our face be dry and flakey, it is sensitive too.  How does one unearth the glow during this time?

Naturopathica’s Oat Facial Polish is a gentle, soft exfoliation cream that softly sweeps dead skin away with oats and jojoba beads. As the temperature and moisture levels have been dropping, once or twice a week I swap my cleanser for a little polish love.  This Oat Facial Polish is so mellow, it does not leave skin pink from abrasion.  It simply leaves skin soft and smooth.

This is a must-have cleanser for the holiday season.

Get that gorgeous mug of yours polished HERE.

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  1. This sounds nice and hydrating- is it exfoliating too? Thanks!

    • Yes it is. The light, tiny jojoba beads elegantly exfoliate. The word exfoliate can have such a harsh connotation, so this creamy polish is like if feathers can exfoliate…cheesy, I know, but that is how I equate the experience! 😉