BITE Beauty’s Luminous Lip Library

Can’t commit? Like keeping your options open? Want to have your cake….err, I mean lipstick, and eat it too?

Try dabbling with BITE Beauty Luminous Lip Library.  BITE Beauty’s lip colors are all food grade and are soaked in wine antioxidants.  Yes, wine (now I’ve got your attention).  BITE’s unique formulations are rich in Resveratrol, a super antioxidant found in the skin of red grapes and other fruits that is anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and anti-carcinogenic.  In fact, Resveratrol is produced in these fruits when under attack by fungi to create a combative shield.  (Ok, am I the only one that geeked out to that antioxidant fact?)

The BITE Beauty Luminous Lip Library is a 9 color  + primer, butter, and balm lip palette that can slip into purses and is fantastic for travel.  With its beautiful range of subtle and pop colors , it is beyond perfect for a holiday gift or stocking stuffer…(hint, hint to any of my secret santas out there!)

Doing some holiday shopping?  BITE Beauty is sold exclusively at Sephora. Shop Sephora and get free Shipping on orders over $50. Plus, 3 free samples with every order!


  1. These are the most moisturizing lipsticks too!