Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map

Don’t you love having that “glow about you”? Happiness just radiates through your pores.  Falling in love, getting a promotion, crossing the finish line for the first time or your 333rd time, a hand written love note in your mailbox, a large bite into that warm gooey brownie…  All those things illicit your glow.  This is something that no lab can ever formulate and bottle up in a cosmetic jar to sell us…oh, have they tried and tried.

Today’s holiday beauty must-have is not like the rest.  You aren’t going to visit the beauty counter for this one.

This week, Danielle LaPorte released her newest project, The Desire Map.  Danielle is a revolutionary of sorts (with an unbelievably soothing voice, I must say), who has written/spoken the following gems,

Being well-rounded is highly overrated. Getting off track is a part of evolution. Easy is productive. No makes way for yes.

The Desire Map (which I will be purchasing as my Christmas gift to myself) basically throws traditional goal-setting and resolutions out the door. Instead, you design your year ahead by your core desires, what makes you feel delicious, what makes you glow. Setting goals without soul is now pointless.

The Desire Map is a multi-media program that includes an audio book, printed book, downloadable book, smartphone app, a series of audio contemplations, a private online Desire Map space, and 12 weeks of weekly inspiration to make your Desire Map and 2013 as scrumptious as can be.  Now that’s pure beauty.

If pure joy isn’t the fountain of youth, I don’t know what is.  Get your soulful 2013 glow HERE.

So, what makes you feel delicious? Share in the desire-full comments below.