Goddess Huntress | HIPPxRGB

How many times have you walked into a nail salon and got frustrated with their “nude” section?  There is absolutely no variety to suit our myriad of skin tones.

RGB Cosmetics collaborated with green celebrity nail stylist, Jenna Hipp, to create a streamlined, yet varied line of nude nail polishes: HIPPxRGB.  Four shades of “foundations” simply named F1, F2, F3, and F4  and four shades of “tints” simply named T1, T2, T3, and T4 have all skin tone bases covered.  Jenna has been creating many, many custom nude colors for editorial shoots and clients.  Custom nude colors are so popular for editorial shoots and during fashion week because it elongates fingers, making the hands more elegant and seamless. Oh, and RGB colors are all 5 free.

I love seamless. I love 5 free. It is how I prefer to roll.

Finally, nude shades for all of us with blood pumping through our veins.  Now those are some sexy nudes dripping above.

Doing some holiday shopping? The most complimentary color for any skin tone is the darkest tone F4 and T4.  Get your foundations, tints, and all sorts of 5 free nail colors at RGB.


  1. LOVE!

  2. Gorgeous colors!!!