Safe Eyelash Glue

Goddess Huntress | Georgie BeautyAnyone know about lash glue that doesn’t have any bad chemicals? I want to try individual lashes eventually, but the glue available at CVS (Duo Lash Glue) has formaldehyde in it. Blech!


Fake eyelash sales have seen a huge surge in the past couple years and with good reason.  What woman wouldn’t love a boost to their lash line?  The downside of fake lush lashes is the glue…the toxins are MAJOR…aka formaldehyde.  Beware of lash adhesive products claiming to be “non-toxic”; they may be without formaldehyde, but they have other dangerous ingredients lurking in their formulations.

Send in Georgie Beauty to the rescue!  Free of formaldehyde, parabens, ureas, phthalates,and synthetic fragrance, Georgie Beauty allows you to add on sensual, luscious lashes with peace.  It also has organic chamomile to soothe skin.  This is your cleanest option.

I never feature products on GH that I haven’t tried.  Here I make the exception because the last thing I want close to your eyes is formaldehyde and false lashes are so heavily used by women.  While I may not be one of them, you bet I am going to start flirting with lashes now since Georgie Beauty is bringing some fresh air to the marketplace. Spread the clean word.

Get your lash on HERE

(Thanks to Ashley for posting this great question on Facebook last week!)

Have any of you Beauties batted your lashes to Georgie Beauty?



  1. I’ve been wearing false lashes for years and was on the lookout for a cleaner lash glue. I found Georgie’s a few months ago after some research, and immediately ordered a tube of glue (@ Nordstrom’s online — free shipping!). I’ve been using it daily since I got it, but I have to admit that it’s not as strong as the toxic DUO I used for years. It won’t hold my lashes when my eyes get teary…but I’ve been satisfied with it enough that I won’t ever go back to toxic glue again. Hope this helps! :)

  2. Awesome! I thought a safer eyelash glue didn’t exist… So I’ve mainly avoided falsies, until now.

  3. So glad you featured this product! I’ve stayed away from false lashes because I just couldn’t find anything safe to use. I’ll definitely have to try these out. :-)

  4. For some reason they don’t ship to Australia, so disappointing!

  5. Does anyone know of any Canadian retailers that carry this product? Or online retailers that offer this product with free shipping to Canada? Thanks in advance!

  6. Hi I’ve opened a hair/beauty salon
    Doing some research on false eyelashes and would be interested to hear some more on your glue …do you have any samples I could try

    Kind regards
    Nicola weir
    Beautique no9 Mullingar Ireland