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Tea Time.

I remember when I first moved to New York, there was a show covering Moby’s recently opened tea house Teany in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.  In the piece, Moby says, “Everything just slows down when you drink tea.”   I remember thinking, “Wow. That is true. Everything does slow down.”  Everyday since then when I pour myself a cup a tea I repeat the quote in my head, which is daily.  Moby struck a chord.

The beauty of slowing everything down is relaxation and having a chance to really look around. Those slow, antioxidant-infused sips initiate cell repair and skin’s defenses. I am partial to green, white, and herbal teas for all of its botanical antioxidants. Let’s talk green today, it is a powerhouse of a tea.

  • Aside from being anti-inflammatory, it revives dying cells.  How’s that for magic?
  • It is rich in Vitamin C, key for cell regeneration, along with Vitamins D, K, magnesium, iron, and zinc. Boom.
  • It reduces sunburn damage and increases skin’s natural SPF. Yes, please!

Celestial Seasonings has spoiled me with a month’s abundance of their Green and Wellness Teas.  And guess what?  I get to give away a month’s full of soothing, anti-aging abundance to one lucky GH reader!!!

To enter, tell us how you are slowing down for 2013 in the comments below. I’ll start off the comments with my juicy 2013 slow down. (GH Newsletter subscribers gain automatic second entry upon commenting.  If you haven’t signed up yet, do so HERE.)

Winner will be announced here in this post on January 18th!

Winner update: Congratulations to Rene!!!  


  1. Aside from my daily tea drinking, I’ve incorporated yoga and a vegan diet into my daily regimen. Yoga has been so deliciously juicy this month, I have so much more time to myself and zero angst. Ironically, this daily yoga slow down has increased my productivity. Total crazy pants! I’m so in love with this new regimen!

  2. More yoga for sure. Although I’m the most inflexible person, yoga makes me feel at easy in an otherwise hectic life. I feel so calm and peaceful when I make time for my mat. I love my morning cup of tea and really like celestial holiday green tea and peppermint blend yum! Happy early birthday I’m a January baby as well!

  3. I made a commitment to try and stop and go have lunch with my kids at school during the semester. And for me time, I made a pledge to read 50 books in 2013, a way to sit down and find an adventure :)

  4. I have started to do yoga and meditation. Moving to the countryside was kinda a nightmare at first but now, I know I needed it. My soul did manifest this huge change in my life. I needed to slow down my inside to find back my inner balance and reconnect with my higher self.
    First time I comment here ! Thank you for your blog ! I just wish I could find all those wonderful products here in France…

  5. I have started a large vegetable box so tending to that brings me outside to get in the dirt a little and enjoy fresh air and sunshine. My husband and I have also committed to spend more time cuddling and bonding – getting oxytocin flowing is very relaxing.

  6. Just by thinking things out before I do them.

  7. By not being busy all the time, not having so much scheduled to do. I recently read an article from another meditation teacher that says even our “practice” too structured and scheduled becomes just something else to do. I’ve recently started doing the NYT crossword puzzle again too, which may not sound like slowing down but to me it is a great pleasure.

  8. My year is to read one hundred books that are a adventure with love and life. And drink more tasty herbal and green teas

  9. I am committed in 2013 to taking more time to be in nature and connect with our beautiful Mother Earth. I committed to slowing down by noticing. To be more present in each moment…to notice what I hear, feel, taste and see. To intentionally make 2013 my most joyful year yet…tea anyone? :)

  10. Taking 15 minutes, I sit in the dark alone. My senses feel so relieved. It’s quite beautiful.

  11. Alexandra says:

    I planted a small basil plant and hung it in the window of my tiny NYC bedroom. Each morning I water it, stretch and do some breathing before I start my day. At night, I make myself a cup of tea, and light a candle to slow myself down before bed. Its amazing how much better I sleep when I let myself wind down fully and how much better my day is when I start it with peace!
    Love that Moby quote! Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. I’m “slowing down” by taking the time to be more grateful. Instead of just going through my day, I actively look for things for which I am thankful. It’s amazing how very blessed we are. Things I’m grateful for so far: waking up each day, having a bed….with a pillow and a blanket, WATER…..(really, can you imagine NOT having that?), people who know my name and smile back, shoes, the ability to see/smell/ hear/ taste/ feel, colors, unconditional love—from my Golden Retriever and German Shepherd, the desire to eat healthy REAL food, the desire and enjoyment of sweating from physical exertion–(really, I do). I’m 51 yrs old and about to be blessed for the first time as a grandmother. “Life” is to be appreciated. I’m making sure I slow down long enough to realize it.

    • Being grateful is such an overlooked practice. Thank you for making us all more aware of our miraculous gifts. Congratulations on the grandchild to come! xx

  13. Thank-you for all of these ideas. I am conscious of the need to increase the good things I do for my spiritual and physical health, but also sometimes overwhelmed with the current status.
    What I do: Take a soothing Epsom salt bath regularly. Give myself permission to relax on difficult days. Find foods to enjoy on a multi-allergen diet.
    On my list: Be more gentle with myself – if I’m doing what I can, I should actually not be scolding myself for not doing more; but there are things on this list regardless. I know what Vicky means about practice becoming something to do. There is a certain challenge in scheduling the relaxation. – *More exercise. *Work to sit down undistracted for meals with the family where the focus is food and conversation rather than rushing to the next activity or TV. *Do one thing at a time. Further explore meditation. *Drink more tea!

  14. In addition to my regular yoga practice, I’m slowing down more by resolving to take my lunch breaks instead of eating at my desk in front of the computer and scheduling regular, twice a month massages. These two things will help keep me centered!

  15. I am planting a garden this year and though it will be work…. I hope it also allows me time to just be out in nature and think.

    • A garden has so many rewards. It is nice to be out there in nature – I always enjoy watching the bumblebees; and the reward of harvesting your own food is wonderful. Working on the garden has pluses and minuses, of course, but if it can be used as a meditative process, it is even better for slowing down! Good luck on it!

  16. I have been doing yoga several times a week for almost a year now but never seem to take or find the time to meditate. So my goal is to slow down and hear my thoughts and let them go. Decaf green tea has been a huge part of my life since my breast cancer diagnosis 8 years ago. I cherish its healing properties and the warmth it makes me feel!

  17. Danielle T says:

    im slowing down on the junk food and speeding up on the exercise. im also just trying to take more time to enjoy my kids and the cute little things they do

  18. Wish I could slow down. Too busy all day with a toddler and newborn. My favorite time is bedtime bath and kisses right before they go to sleep.

  19. Jennifer K says:

    I am currently working out a meditation practice that works for me.

  20. Oh man, there are so many kinds of tea, it’s pretty baffling sometimes. I have a little collection in my cabinet & I try a new tea every few months at least. I love to make a cup of tea for my boyfriend & me & just take the time to sit & read at my kitchen table. Nothing fancy but terrific!

  21. Decided to finally start cooking again. Dinner and tea with the fiance is pretty great.

  22. Slow down, feel love, do more yoga! ☺

  23. To take a few mins to just enjoying being quiet

  24. Jennifer sitz says:

    Just trying to be happy

  25. Leah Brislin says:

    I’m clearing out the clutter and reorganizing to make it easier to slow down every day.

  26. I set a pre-alarm 30 minutes before my usual alarm goes off in the morning. I take that time to do some stretching, watch something enjoyable on tv or the dvr or read from a book or magazine. Once my 30 minutes are up, I begin my normal morning routine of craziness!

  27. I’m slowing down for 2013 by taking a block of time every week for just myself. About 4 hours one day every single week to do what I love. It can be a bike ride, a movie, sleep, cooking, a snack or having a cup of tea while catching up on my DVR shows.

  28. I am ataking time for myself each day. Reading a book & sipping tea is a part of my new routine.

  29. Lori Parker says:

    I know it seems to be harder to slow down when there is so many things that need to be done. In our community there are so many hats that need to be worn. A cup of warm tea and a conversation about magic people is how I am going to try and slow down. There are so many magic people in communities. These are the people who do things that other people take for granted. Putting up the flags during Memorial day as an example. Cleaning up after an event. I think if we have the conversation more people will look at how they can be a magic person. Over a cup of tea is how I am going to start.

  30. I am making time for friends who have moved away. I tend to lose touch with people when they aren’t here. This month I started allotting my Thursday evenings to Skype and tea dates with a close friend who just moved to Kansas. Nothing slows a day down better than good conversation, good friends, and good tea!

  31. Jacqueline Bigelow says:

    Relaxing more!

  32. I am slowing down in 2013 by trying to stress less, take deep breaths and drink more tea!!!

  33. Stephanie Smith says:

    A day without tea is a day without joy. I start and end every one with teas. Currently my job has me working on the US Enterprise deactivation and we have limited resources on the ship and it is very stressful. To make tea required quite a lot if work as we do not have running water but it is worth the extra effort … a nice cup of hot tea does wonders for morale!

  34. Veronica Sandberg says:

    I am taking one day at a time and enjoying it to its fullist.

  35. I have been doing yoga for over 20 years and looking back, I am eternally grateful to the people who helped me make the decision. I have finally been able to truly meditate for the first this past year, thanks to finally getting proper diagnoses and treatment, for ADHD, combined type and several other issues. My evening tea ritual concentrates on accepting things as they are, being grateful for my gifts and knowledge, and choosing how to direct my energy in the most positive, productive way. I have found that only allowing myself to think of these things while I prepare and drink my tea, I have found a profound way to release all of the stress and tension of the day. Namaste!

  36. Ronna Davis says:

    Waking up an hour early to have time to sit and sip my tea before facing the day.

  37. I’m going to take more time to just relax and enjoy life.

  38. I have started to try to replace my negative thoughts by gently saying the opposite whenever I find myself thinking something like “You’re not good enough.” A positive mind reduces anxiety and stress. :)

  39. Julie Caldwell says:

    I am going to take some time for myself everyday. I will try to Journal and get some serious Yoga time in! I need to relax and begin to enjoy life instead of stressing over everything. I am wound way to tight and NEVER take time for myself things need to change so I can enjoy all the beauty in the world.

  40. I just bought some celestial sleepytime extra tea. I have a 2 year old that keeps me busy and wears me out every day. Once she’s in bed for the night, I like to make a cup of sleepytime tea, lay down in bed and watch some tv to help me rest and relax before starting a new day.

  41. I am looking for ways to simplify my life and find happiness in the little things around me.

  42. Got hit w the flu. Really Slowed me down. Renewed my love of tea! How did I live so long w/out an electric tea kettle? It is the most used thing in my home. My BIG Mug filled with yummy steaming tea make me oh so very happy 😉

  43. Jeannette P says:

    A cup of green tea together is how my husband and I slow down and reconnect in the evenings after our toddler goes down for the night. :)

  44. I love reading, but I never feel like I have the time. So this year I would like to read at least twelve books. I also love green tea, and often swing by the Celestial Seasonings factory, that I live near, to relax and pick out some good teas.

  45. I’m slowing down by reading more and taking time for my Bible devotion time.

  46. lisa la font says:

    i’ve added meditation to my day. before lunch and dinner i drink a 6-8 oz glass of water , relax in my seat breath deeply for about a minute or two (that was a mini-meditation), have a light dinner (‘cuz my breakfast was heavy, and a medium lunch) which included a hot green tea with a little spice. and before bed i have a nice hot green or camomile with a twist of lemon, climb in bed and meditate myself to sleep. in the last month that I’ve started this i have gotten better sleep and found more energy as well as digestive improvements.

  47. I am trying to slow down with a cup of tea instead of coffee and a good book during the day.
    Just trying to reduce the stress of just everyday living and giving some time for me.

  48. Last year, every now and then I went to a yoga class that normally was every Sunday night and I was always amazed by how absolutely amazing I felt afterwards. It was the perfect way to relax after a stressful week and before starting another one! I met lots of new friends there, so I plan to try going to more yoga classes this year I aim to go to more of those classes. Because I get up early, my goal is also to go for a walk in the early morning to get that calm zen-like feeling before I start my day.

  49. Green tea make me feel and look more young, yoga and i am beginning with pilates!!! Great year!

  50. I’m waking up early enough to make a cup of tea each morning & reading each evening before bed to relax.

  51. more yoga!

  52. I retired last year and spent the majority of my year on the road and had a fantastic time. I still will travel this year but not constantly. For the next 2 months I am volunteering at the senior citizen center learning resource center helping seniors to learn how to use the computer.

  53. I’m working on leaving 10 minutes earlier for work so that I do not feel rushed & stressed on my way there, because that seems to set the tone for stressful days.

  54. I’ve taken a step back and have started allowing myself to be more care-free and not linger on the little things.

  55. Diane Franchek says:

    I want to slow down by treating myself well; taking time to make a nice breakfast for myself and spa ritual days.

  56. Aside from trying to drink 3 cups of tea a day I am taking time to enjoy the small things in life and (I’m trying to) listen to what my body is telling me.

  57. One of my new years resolutions was to take steps to reduce stress in my life. As a graduate student I have been hammered with stress, also being a women’s health advocate while it is something I love, it can be stressful. One way I de-stress now is drinking tea. I am really loving green tea right now. I also am taking time to go run more. I feel awesome after a run, just plug in my music and run.

  58. Afternoon stretches after a long day and some honey chamomile tea are my ways of slowing down and taking a breather to relax. :)

  59. the only way I’ve been slowing down lately is by taking a nap almost every day after work. I’ve been so tired all the time!

  60. I’m slowing down in 2013 by taking naps during the day or taking walks for those days that I cant find time to nap. I’m also trying to slow down my pace of life by learning how to cook mainly vegetarian meals. I feel chopping and preparing the vegs has a calming effect on me. But I would love to daydream more often as daydreaming is a form of medication. Daydreaming would slow me down a little with a cup of tea would be perfect.

  61. I am trying to spend my days on what really matters. Also to plan ahead so my days are more organized and not rushed. I also will have a mug of tea nightly to get ready for sleep

  62. ellen willett says:

    I take one day at a time

  63. I’m slowing down by taking more vacations, small weekend breaks and simply stopping to smell the flowers in my garden! Happy Birthday to you!! XO

  64. Rebecca H. says:

    I’m still learning, but I’m trying to take work a little less seriously and actual leave the office at a normal hour. Good luck to me!

  65. Janet Schmidt says:

    A daily walk. And more baths, not just quick showers.

  66. monica anderson says:

    This year for me I needed to slow down and reflect on thing I have done and things I still want to do tea helps me rest my mind and motivate my brain to think clearer.

  67. I got an email and then I read that you were giving away some celestial teas . hope I’m on time. I like tea.