Adventures In Babysitting

Goddess Huntress | Adventures In Babysitting

This past weekend I headed over to Palm Springs to babysit my best friend’s three children while she and her husband attended a wedding at the Polo Fields, which happens to be the same grounds that I go to for the Coachella Music Festival.  On the way, we stopped off at a casino.  I’ve only been to Las Vegas casinos, and let me just say this was no Las Vegas casino.  These slot machines had some ridiculously nutty themes! I gave up after losing $35 on at the Wheel Of Fortune quarter machines in 10 minutes…boo.

The babysitting was super fun and easy.  There is nothing like ordering chocolate milkshakes from room service, a boat ride, and jumping on beds!

Goddess Huntress | Michael Jackson Slot Machine

Goddess Huntress | Ooodles Of Poodles

Goddess Huntress | Jumping On The Bed

Goddess Huntress | Snow Angel

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs

I forgot to bring my SLR camera, so please forgive my iPhone’s graininess!


  1. Best babysitter ever- kiddos look happy!