A Safe Blonde? Anybody? Anybody?

Goddess Huntress | Sky Ferreira by Terry Richardson

I was wondering if you have any advice about hair color. I was born a blonde, and was one until maybe my early 20’s. Since then, I’ve highlighted my hair on and off. I haven’t colored my hair since 2011, but I’d really love to be blonde again. Do you know of any natural, non-toxic products that lighten hair?


Having a hairstylist for a mom gives me a shorthand guide to the chemistry of hair.  The only natural, less harmful way to make hair lighter is with lemon and sunlight, which both do their own hair shaft and skin damage.  Extracting pigment from your hair shaft takes a lot of heavy lifting, which means toxins.  Ammonia-free bleach is pretty much the industry standard now, less toxic than its old school predecessor.

Here are a couple of ways to lessen the toxin burden:

1) Play keep away, keep away from the scalp.  Balayage is the technique of painting highlights onto the hair, without coming in contact with the scalp’s skin.  Balayage gives a natural look as it grows.  Colorists can paint as close as possible to the scalp or further away for an ombre effect.

2) Bring your own mask. Embrace the dramatic look.  No need to inhale the toxic fumes, plus you may be encouraging the good health onto other customers. This is a great option for pregnant or breast-feeding women who are continuing with their hair color processes.

As a highlighted blonde, I wish there was a non-toxic answer to lightening hair.

How about you, Beauties?  What do you do to lessen the chemical burdens at the salon?


Photo: Sky Ferreira by Terry Richardson. Hair color by former Guest Goddess Aura Friedman.


  1. Big sigh! I love the brightness of a new set of highlights and being blonde (my hair is more of a “dirty blonde” when left to it’s own devices). Over the years I’ve cut back on the number of times I go in for highlights – thankfully ombre is very tres chic! – and have found a few places that offer “express highlights” so I’m not in the chair breathing in highlight fumes for 3-4 hours. Post highlights I try to keep my hair moisturized with all-natural, food-based hair masks. So while not a full solution to the problems of being blonde it does offset it in a few ways (I hope!).

  2. Unfortunately, I gave up coloring when I got pregnant Due to the chemicals… Now I may have a chance to hide the greys! Thanks!