Make a Wish

make cartoon animation

Yep, it’s my birthday! My agenda is pretty nourishing today.  I’ll get my own om on at Yoga House, get a blowout, read some Danielle Laporte at the Huntington Library, and then off to dinner to break my vegan diet in Silverlake.

Today is the best!

What are you Beauties up to? Btw, since it is my birthday, I am extending the chance to enter to win a month’s worth of Celestial Seasonings! I will announce the winner the evening of January 18th! Enter now!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Enjoy your day of indulging in things you love! And props for creating that adorable birthday GIF!

  2. Happy birthday Mo!!!

  3. Julie Caldwell says:

    Happy Birthday! I am new to your Blog and excited to look aaround!!! Beautiful Page!! I hope your Birthday is filled with Love and of course some pampering!

  4. Happy Birthday! :) Glad I caught this! Sounds like a wonderful day and we’ll all be wishing you many more. Enjoy!