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Confession: used tea bags skeeve me out.  While I’m an avid tea slurper, those couple seconds that it takes for me to toss the used, wet bag in the trash bin could not go by any quicker.  I also give my bags a second go, by pouring another cup.  There is so much goodness in that little green tea satchel, I just can’t throw it away. The second cup is so light and mellow to pass up.

Here is how you can skip tossing that bag so quickly and fully absorb the left over anti-aging, regenerating, and anti-inflammatory goodness.

Goddess Huntress | Green Tea Mask

  • after brewing a cup, open the post-brew bag and set those leaves free into a small bowl
  • add a tsp-tbsp of either/all of the following:

Yogurt (for “normal” skin)

Honey (for oily/acne-prone skin)

Avocado (for dry-“normal” skin)

  • combine together, slather on skin, absorb the antioxidants for 10 minutes
  • rinse off with lukewarm water, pat dry and apply your favorite facial oil

Goddess Huntress | Green Tea Toner + SPF Booster

  • simply brew a cup of green tea
  • let cool, then pour into small spray bottle
  • spray on face as a toner and spray before applying sunscreen (allow to dry)

Guess what? I have more beautifying tea to giveaway!  

Celestial Seasonings is hooking up one more Goddess Huntress reader with a month’s worth of Green and Wellness Tea!

Contest is now closed–To enter, tell us your ultimate tea moment, past or future. (GH Newsletter subscribers gain automatic second entry upon commenting.  If you haven’t signed up yet, do so HERE.)

Winner will be announced here in this post on Thursday, January 31st. 

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Winner update: Congratulations to Rachael!


  1. My favorite tea moment was the first time my mother convinced me to try Chai tea. I’m now very much addicted to it!

  2. My ultimate tea moment is nightly on my deck in the fresh air listening to nature

  3. Rebecca H. says:

    Anytime I need to just pause for a few moments is a perfect tea time. It helps me relax and is so delicious!

  4. I love having my warm quiet time with my tea at the end of a long day.

  5. My ultimate tea moment was after I read peppermint tea is so good for your stomach. I was able to help a dear friend find some relief from stomach pain.

  6. Great tips for getting the most out of your tea! I’ll skip entering the giveaway though – Celestial Seasonings uses primarily conventionally-grown tea, so I’ll be sticking with my Numi & Choice ORGANIC, fair-trade teas :)

  7. wow amazing tips! Going to try this tomorrow.

    My ultimate tea moment – 10 years back, when I discovered green tea for the 1st time! I was hooked!

    I’m a subscriber. xx

  8. Using green tea and brown sugar to make body scrub

  9. After spending the day traveling for work. I got up to my hotel room and ordered a cup of tea. This cup of chamomile I’m sipping on now couldn’t be any better. A cup of tea never fails to relax and soothe me.

  10. In an effort to rid myself of the toxic chemicals in creamer, I’ve recently given up coffee in the morning and replaced it with Green Tea. I feel better because I know I’m not using chemicals anymore and I have a more balanced energy boost rather than the crash in the afternoon that coffee gave me. My trick for keeping the tea bag from depleting too soon is to only drink half my tea and refill it will fresh water. That way, half the water is still potent enough that the next batch of tea isn’t too weak. :o)

  11. Rachael H. says:

    My ultimate tea moment is sitting on the porch of our beach condo when we go in the fall – the wind and the tea combo is great!! :)

  12. My ultimate tea moment would be when I discovered peppermint tea existed. I loved it and was hooked to teas.

  13. I love putting a couple of tea bags in my foot soak. Perfect!

  14. I’ve become a tea junkie! Green tea’s antioxidants, black tea for a system that runs too fast, peppermint can relax tummy cramping/spasms, chamomile for it’s anti-inflammatory properties and more. My favorite tea moment though was my first Paris visit to Laduree with my sister and bestie who had just moved there. My friend and I had an amazing caramel au lait tea and my sister the Marie Antoinette – a tea using roses. When the server brought us our tea, he matched the cups and saucers to our shirts. Who says the French are stuffy!

  15. There are two teas that I cannot live without. The first is Numi’s Monkey King Jasmine Green Tea. A cup of it surrounds me in the smell of lush jasmine. I want to crawl into it! The second is Valerian Root tea (I like it pure and uncut from Alvita). Yes, it smells like rotten feet right out of the box but once brewed it doesn’t smell or taste so bad. One cup of this tea before bed and it is like my switch is off, I can relax and get a good night’s sleep. It’s effective and its natural!

  16. Trying the honey + tea mask on my next girl’s night (tomorrow!). Learning so much reading the other comments, too. GH readers = rockin’! xx!

  17. I love tea! It’s the little moments that make it the best – drinking it in the mornings and weekends with my boyfriend or my mom. So relaxing.

  18. I like adding honey to my herbal tea.

  19. I love Chai tea in the morning with a splash of milk!

  20. I love adding green tea and honey to my bath water, and settling down with a good book. It’s super relaxing, and my skin feels great afterward. :)

  21. My favorite tea moment is sitting on the porch in a rocking chair in the fall.

  22. Most exciting was when I first had one of those tea flowers that expand from a little crumpled up thing to a beautiful flower in the glass teacup.

  23. My husband’s family is from England. My tea obsession started when his family came to stay with us just before our wedding. Their obsessive tea drinking rubbed off on me and now I can’t go a day without my tea!

  24. I think my best tea moment is when I discovered chamomile tea! I have anxiety and a lot of difficulty sleeping and finding out the a cup of tea could help calm me was surprising and extremely exciting!