KYI Argan Oil Serum + Sweet Almond Softening Oil

Goddess Huntress | KYI OilKnow Your Ingredients spoiled me with their Argan Oil Serum and Sweet Almond Softening Oil a few months ago.  I  have been using the serum and softening oil religiously (aka daily) since it arrived at my doorstep.

The Argan Oil Serum is an oil that you can incorporate with any skin care regimen (I still use it as I sample other brand regimens).  It is infused with Vitamin C, which is powerful antioxidant key to skin cell regeneration.  As you already know argan is a powerful, protective, anti-aging oil that has taken the beauty industry by storm.  I generally use  KYI Argan morning and night.  If my skin is upset (i.e. dry air, airplane air, weather, etc.) I splash my face with a bit of warm water to open up my pores then massage argan oil into my skin to absorb.  A simple, nourishing drink.

Sweet Almond Softening Oil is a luxurious, yet easy body oil.  I apply it after every shower.  It provides a beautiful sheen to skin along with silky moisture.  Just use caution when putting on delicate or temperamental fabrics immediately after application.  Sometimes in the evening or prior to yoga I will rub some in my hair to condition.

Aromatically, the citrus blends provide cheerful deep breaths!  I can only imagine how wonderful the other blends smell.

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