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Goddess Huntress | Lurk Fragrance

I’ve always been a snob about fragrances.  In my toxic hey-day (high school – early 30’s), I’d only wear Chanel fragrances…total snobbery.  Those perfumes have always been my benchmark for fragrant notes.  Even when I gave up toxic fragrances, I still kept the bottles to look at on my bathroom shelf…not until last year did I throw them all away.

A few weeks ago, I received some fragrance samples from Lurk.  I was with my mom when I pulled them out to test.  My mom zipped right over to smell them, eager to fulfill her fragrance void due to my incessant nagging and cupping my hands over my nose when she spritzed the fancy bad sh*t…(funny how we all resort to child-like antics with our parents).

Goddess Huntress | Lurk Fragrances

Lurk‘s notes of cedarwood, rose, black pepper, and citrus immediately brought us back to the fragrance notes we adored and doused ourselves with in the past.  Lurk’s five fragrances are so elegantly blended using old world methods.  The flowers sourced from Colombia are placed on glass and then covered in oil to create the perfume oil. The essential oils are blended with a base of organic jojoba oil, resulting in a 30-40% fragrance concentrate in each bottle.  These luxurious artisan fragrances are all hand poured and bottled in SoHo NYC.

Lurk‘s fragrances are so gorgeous, it is as if I got reacquainted with a beautiful childhood friend.  The only difference is that it is healthy and I can breathe in all that I want.

As for my mom, she ran away with Lurk TBPV1 and has already used the whole sample. I have latched onto BS003 and am 3/4 through.  I’ll immediately move on to the sensual rosiness of PRJV1. As for my boyfriend, he has been snuggling into my neck a lot lately… “You smell so good”, he mumbles.

Lurk. Fragrance, truly done right. Indulge HERE.




  1. Amazing!! I think you need to feature Mrs. Sonja some more… I love me some Sonja <3

  2. Ohhhhh I’d love to try! The very thing you describe about fragrances is why perfumes that I own “pre-clean” beauty days are collecting dust or have been tossed (I suppose I could toss the last 2 bottles!). The more clean my routine becomes – shaving with coconut oil, natural soaps and shea butter post shower – the less appealing their chemical counterparts become in my daily life. But it’s still nice to have a little something to dab on before a night out. Would love to check out and try Lurk.