Off To The Museum

Goddess Huntress | Lara Flynn Boyle Dress

Yesterday, Andrew and I visited the Bowers Museum with his parents to scope out their costume exhibit “Cut!”, a collection of movie costumes from British costumer Cosprop Ltd. Cosprop designs period costume for films, such as Sense and Sensibility and Sherlock Holmes, using sewing and embroidery techniques true to the period as much as possible.  Sewing machines are only used on seams not visible to the camera.

Cosprop keeps social class authentic for the camera as well.  For characters that do not come from money, their beautiful dresses are fabricated in cheaper fabrics such as cotton.  That is something my eye would never catch onscreen, prior to this exhibit!

Here are a few pics from our museum venture.  Oh, and enjoy the illustrations from Maurice Sendak, American writer and artist of “Where The Wild Things Are”.  That was such a heartwarming exhibition to walk through.

Goddess Huntress | Bowers Museum

Goddess Huntress | Bowers Museum 2

Goddess Huntress | Bowers Museum 3

Goddess Huntress | Bowers Museum 4

Goddess Huntress | Maurice Sendak

Goddess Huntress | Maurice Sendak 2

Goddess Huntress | Maurice Sendak 3

Goddess Huntress | Bowers Museum Cut!

Goddess Huntress | Sense And Sensibility

Goddess Huntress | Bowers Museum Cut! 2Goddess Huntress | Cosprop embroidery

Goddess Huntress | Cosprop Hoopskirt

Goddess Huntress | Fortuny pleating

Goddess Huntress | Bowers Museum

Catch my Vine video of the Bowers Museum entrance for a soothing taste.

What is your favorite period movie?