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Goddess Huntress | Know Your Ingredients Body Oil Giveaway

I’m not feeling so hot.  The past couple days I’ve been a tad achey with a sore throat and a constant slight headache.    Yesterday I reveled in my get-well time, did not touch my computer, made a gorgeous vegetable soup (which I will share with you next week), and embraced my bathrobe with the rainfall outside my windows. Even though I’m feeling off par, I am so thankful of our bodies’ way of telling us to repair and nourish ourselves.

So, I thought this is a perfect time for an ultra repairing and nourishing giveaway!

This time there will be 3 winners!  Three lucky GH readers will win a bottle of Know Your Ingredients Sweet Almond Softening Oil in the scent of your choice.  KYI’s Softening Oil has been my go-to post-shower oil for months now.  (Read the GH review)

CONTEST CLOSED To enter, tell me how you treat and nourish yourself while sick. Your cure-alls are much appreciated!!! (GH Newsletter subscribers gain automatic second entry upon commenting.  If you haven’t signed up yet, do so HERE.)

Winner will be announced here in this post on Monday, February 25th.

Lots of luck and repair!


Winner update: Congratulations to Chelsea Jo, Jana, and Mindy!


  1. Rachael H. says:

    I take long steamy showers :) opens up my sinuses and it’s so warm.
    that’s really the only cure-all I have except for eating Hot & Sour Soup. Seriously, I think it really does have healing powers. I always feel better the next day.
    thanks for the chance!

  2. My get-well tip? Lots of hot lemon and honey water. Keeping hydrated is key, and the vitamin C definitely helps. Get well soon!

  3. Pamper yourself,do your fave things,drink vitamin supplements to boost immune system,

  4. This is on FB as well… but I thought I’d share here too. Maybe it’ll help someone else who also isn’t feeling so hot.
    Blended vegetable soups are very healing; ginger tea for sure; garlic (and mushrooms and ginger and any other white veggies!) because they are nature’s pharmacy; use a nettie pot if you’re stuffy; 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar (in warm water with honey) if you’re mucusy; turmeric in your foods to combat inflammation; green, orange, and yellow fruits and veggies to support your immune system, also (a trusted source) of probiotics to support immune system; and the number one most important… lots and lots of water. There is no better way to flush your system and detox.

  5. Hope you feel better oon!
    Teas are a favorite of mine for feeling better. I prefer herbal teas or just ginger root with honey and lemon. As far as food- curries I think are excellent. All that tumeric and lovely spices are great for the body and skin. I keep mine on the mild side for when I am unwell. For body care I love dry brushing (move that lymph!) and warm baths with thing like peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus. And I like to keep my skin hydrated with simple oils. Coconut or the body and usually Argan or Barbary Fig for the face. Plenty of good lipbalm too!

  6. I curl up with a book and a cup of tea with a little lemon!

  7. Last week both my husband and 2 year old were sick. I figured I was next. This monday I started feeling yucky but I was determined to kick it. I took a warm bath, got a massage, took a nap and made sure to drink lots of green tea. After my nap I felt good as new. I hope that wards off the bugs for a while.

  8. Tea! So much tea! Unfortunately, I don’t like honey or ginger or the other “restorative” things that could be in tea, but I have this herbal chai that’s just spicy enough to taste over my sickness-muffled taste buds, but mild enough that its so smooth and I can sip and steam my nose for as long as I want. :)

  9. I like Black tea with honey. Also, soup and salad is great.

  10. feel better, dear! i treat myself to the best organic teas, aromatherapy rollerballs and steaming showers that open up my sinuses.

  11. Drinking hot water, preferably with lemon, always! If I’m congested, I love a steamy shower. Hot water in all its forms :)

    I also make sure to take vitamin C supplements in addition to making sure I’m eating as cleanly as possible with raw fruits and veggies and no dairy.

  12. I load up on fresh organic veggies like kale, spinach, artichokes, etc, drink lots of water including adjusted pH water with a basic pH (bad stuff doesn’t like to grow in alkaline environments) and lots of sleep. If I’m tired randomly in the day I don’t fight it. Feel better!

  13. I’m getting over a sinus infection myself right now. Lots of hot green tea with spearmint and tons of water to drink; staying focused on healthy meals including hot soup has also helped.

  14. I make hot water/lemon/honey, get a good book, and go back to bed:) And homemade chicken soup doesn’t hurt, either.

  15. I put in a rerun of Friends and the warmest socks I can find, drink lots of hot tea with honey and eat homemade tomato soup.

  16. I take probiotics.

  17. chicken soup and green tea

  18. Layla Mairleitner says:

    I have now successfully beaten back catching the flu, the stomach bug and 3 colds by taking Wellness Formula whenever I’m around anyone sick (like my 6 year old son who was sick over his x-mas break :(
    And as soon as I feel that swelling/tickling feeling in my throat, I take Yin Chiao. It works everytime!
    I have also been eating roasted garlic almost every morning on top of my egg and I drink lots of herbal tea with raw honey and lemon throughout the day.
    I was also recently turned onto Umcka (sp?) which can be found at your local health food store. This also seems to work well if taken at the first signs of a cold.
    Feel better soon!

  19. Jana Pendragon says:

    When not feeling well I increase Vitamin Bs & Cs, add more probiotics, drink lots of water with lemon, cucumber and ginger added, sip green and/or white teas, rest whenever and however possible, wash hands lots and avoid crowds. Take the time to recover–good health is not a foot race!

  20. I just went through a virus and I kept in in check with flu busters. Lemon juice garlic cayenne honey cinnamon and ginger – all heated up. you can sneak a lil whiskey in there if it’s bedtime :)

  21. My Get Well tip would be to drink a lot of Water. For people like ME, I fail to drink Water, not a big fan of the taste. I prefer drinking Coconut Water. I’m a big fan of Coconut Water, Milk, & Oil for my health, well-being, & even BEAUTY! To all of you who are feeling ill, may peace and health come to you soon!

  22. Oscimillicocinum on the outset of a cold
    Extra Vitamin D supplements when you’re feeling ill (recently proven to be beneficial in fighting colds)
    Vitamin C (1,000 milligrams) every hour during the cold (it’s water soluble and your body can handle this amount) while drinking so much H2O it’s close to self-induced waterboarding.
    Elderberry Extract (amazing antioxidant and solid daily defense)
    Oregano Oil (a natural anti-biotic even though it’s offensive to my entire person in taste and scent)
    Neti Pot treatments
    Chicken soup
    Lots of love, rest, warm bathes, self-nurturing and support from your loved one!

  23. Tea, honey, lemon and a shot of whiskey.
    Coconut oil with eucalyptus essential oil to breath.
    Beautiful broth soup with herbs and spices

  24. I always love a good tea or hot lemon water, the classics.
    When I want to give my cold a kick in the pants, I actually eat a couple of cloves of raw garlic. It doesn’t do wonders for my breath but it always gives my system a good boost!
    Also, I add ginger to everything I can or just chew on a small slice if I can handle it.
    Most importantly, I try to go to bed early and let my body rest. Hope you feel better soon!

  25. 1. I cancel all plans, work, school, etc. Any engagement you may have for that day and the next have to be cancelled postponed and rescheduled if possible (and its always possible)
    2. TAke an epsom salt bath (it will remove toxins from your body)
    3. IF you have energy, make a freshly juiced veg/juice drink. (kale, spinach, pineapple, ginger, etc.)
    3.5 Add oregano oil to the drink and all alkaline water you should be drinking fir that time.
    4. MEDITATE!
    5. Get fresh air… it would be best if you had an oxygen machine (but how many people really have that)
    6. REST (this includes no technology) ( your focus is you. anything that draws you away from you is counterproductive)

    The key is to realize, your wealth is your health. the signs of being “ill” is brougt on by you so you have the power to make it go away.

    DO NOT TAKE “MEDICINE” The only medicine i recommemd is oregano oil. anything else is candy and poison.

    Be Well!

  26. Rest! Conserve your energy to make it easier for your body to heal itself. If you don’t rest/sleep enough, your body has to expend energy to make you function-(walk, react, move, etc.) whereas if you rest, ALL of your energy will go towards healing. Also, oregano oil (oreganol) truly is a miracle healer. Yes, it burns like the dickens when placed under the tongue, but do it anyway. Make it a test to see how tough you are! Dilute a few drops in tea, etc. Rub some topically on your throat and chest (and feet). If it can kill MRSA (and it can), it can take care of your ‘bug.’ DON’T take antibiotics, they ONLY kill bacteria, NOT viruses. And of course, drink beneficial liquids—-warm tea, warm lemon water w/stevia or raw honey. Hope you’re better really soon.

  27. My advice is to get to the sun,take an immune booster like airborne or emergenc and eat fresh foods like salads,soups full of veggies and chicken plus drink water for now.

  28. Rebecca H. says:

    When I get sick, it is usually because I am tired and run down. The first thing I need to do is admit to myself that I need a break and not go in to the office. Once home, plenty of sleep, lots of fluids (including mom’s (mock) chicken soup with matzoh balls, and avoid junk food which completely lacks any nutrition or nourishment. I also find that a hot shower can help me feel refreshed and not so, ugh! I also tend to load up on Cold Fx, but I’m not sure if that is available in the US. I hope you feel better soon!

  29. Hot tea, a good book, and lots of rest

  30. Mindy Berry says:

    Rest! Stay well hydrated, include green juices and grapefruit juices. My husband had surgery for bladder cancer on Monday…I made him homemade chicken-rice soup w/ homemade veggie broth and high quality chicken (free range, etc). Even though he is a vegetarian he enjoyed two bowls. We concluded that soup made with love trumped being a vegetarian. It was so strange that I felt a deep need to make this. In healing from all things I think we need to listen to our bodies and ourselves.

  31. Mindy Berry says:

    And I hope you feel better quickly!

  32. Call a friend! Feeling cared for and supported helps with recovery. Plus, getting rest and trying not to get other people sick can sometimes be isolating.

  33. Vitamins, lots and lots of tea, and raw honey mixed with ginger, garlic, and cayenne!

  34. I drink plenty of green tea and rest, think positive!

  35. Take a warm bath with lavanda and eucalipto oil and salts, after this make a tea with bitter orange leafs , when is ready squeeze the orange and 1 honey spoon, drink in the bed before sleep and put eucalipto cream in your chest. Very important, try to don´t go out the bed, because this help you to “sweat” the sickness

  36. I’m in the transition of eating cleaner & something different i tried that helped me get over colds way faster was creamy turmeric tea! added ginger, pepper, coconut oil, cinnamon, & honey. Now i drink it every morning & i love it!

  37. When I’m sick I (1) unplug from computer/phone (2) make/drink lots of juices, especially loaded with Vitamin C and ginger (3) broth-soups! When I’m feeling up to it, walking and gentle yoga.

    I would LOVE to win these because I recently started cleaning my face with oils (and it’s been so eye-opening) and would love to try cleansing my entire body with oils. (pick me! pick me!)

  38. Hot green tea with honey. And veggie soup with ginger!!

  39. I always find these things help me when I’m sick: drinking oceans of ginger and lemon tea with honey, doing a little bit of gentle yoga every so often to move my body and keep my muscles from tensing up too much, making sure I get good fresh air (no stuffy rooms!) and staying cuddled up on the sofa with a good book or a movie.

    Hope you feel better soon Mo!

  40. Sit in the tub an relax say it all! :)

  41. My solution to feeling ill is to drink loads of peppermint tea, keep on eating to help my body fight it off, and to snuggle up under a blanket with my hot water bottle and a good film. If all else fails, a good sleep always improves matters! :)