New Baby Scent

Goddess Huntress | Baby Fragrance

Many of you got word of Dolce Gabbana’s fragrance launch for babies a couple weeks back.

I didn’t bat an eyelash, nor dropped a jaw. I was de-scenticized…because I wore fragrance at a very young age…diaper age.

I wore fragrance every day to school, preschool on up.

When I read about the controversial luxury children’s fragrance, I was surprised that these luxury scents didn’t come into the marketplace earlier. Growing up, I wore cologne for babies by Mennen, or Colonia Mennen Para Bebe.  In Latin America, and a few other cultures, it is standard to adorn children and babies with cologne. With every trip to Costa Rica growing up, I came back with a new cologne bottle.

Had we only known better…

Wee ones do not need to hang out with these fragrance lurkers:

  • Diethyl phthalate – mimics hormones, linked to abnormal reproductive organs and sperm damage
  • BHT – toxic to immune, nervous, and respiratory systems, endocrine disruptor, possible carcinogen
  • Oxybenzone – potential photocarcinogen, endocrine disruptor, linked to lower birth weight
  • Octinoxate – endocrine disruptor, increases uterus weight
  • Limonene – can create formaldehyde as a byproduct when exposed to ozone

Keep the wee ones protected. The only “luxury” fragrance that can come close to wee ones should be natural.

Am I the only crazy pants toddler that smelled of synthetic roses here?