Sunday With The Ladies

Yesterday, I had a much needed day with two of my ladies, Marissa and Janel.  Marissa came up with the theme “Game Changin’ Books” for our visit.  Each of us were to bring a book that has a line (or many, many lines) that inspire the awesome out of us.  It didn’t matter what type of book to bring, whether it is a novel, children’s book, or self-enhancement…anything goes.

Goddess Huntress | Easy is productive. Danielle LaPorte

I brought over The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte.  The game changin’ quote in that book (along with many, many others) is “Easy is productive.”  Game changin’ right?  We are conditioned in our culture to push, push, push which doesn’t always perpetuate productive velocity.  Getting stuck on doing the hard stuff slows our roll and enthusiasm.  Doing the stuff that is easy to us and love is productivity at its finest.  Yeah, the hard stuff will always exist, but you can request that to be handled by others who rock at it.  Namaste, Goddess LaPorte.

Marissa had us do an exercise inspired by Catherine Ponder’s The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity.  

  1. She lit three birthday candles, each one representing us, and as they burned we each wrote down a list of attitudes, events, thoughts we wanted to be released of. (For example, “I release feeling not enough”.) When the candles completely burned out, we put down our pens, handed our lists to Marissa, and she tore them up.  I kept saying, “Put them on a plane and send them away from here”.
  2. After, she lit three new birthday candles and we wrote our own lists of bold affirmations. (For example, “I will bring in 3 major investors this year.” , “I am a prosperous woman.”. )

The candles burned out and we shared our lists with each other.  You should have seen us. We were cheering and high-fiving at each juicy-lucy affirmation we declared.  There were a lot of “Girl, I am so glad you declared that!” exchanges.

We were buzzing…and still are! As you can see this post is a bit longer than my usual because of the excitement, and most of all to share the invigorating exercise/practice with you.  This is great do with friends, family, or alone on the regular…and it can be done anywhere, anytime!

Oh, and don’t forget to have some delicious food around.  That always lends to inspiration.

Here are some quick snaps taken by my iPhone.

Goddess Huntress | Spinach Salad

Goddess Huntress | Prosperity cookies and chocolate

Goddess Huntress | Hell, Yes! New Museum Mug

Goddess Huntress | Astrology and Tea

Goddess Huntress | The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder

Goddess Huntress | Prosperity Candles

Do you have any other juicy, inspiring exercises to share? Pay it forward in the comments below!