Hydra Shower Burst

Goddess Huntress | Hydra Shower Burst

Not everyone enjoys baths.  Not everyone has a bathtub.

I sometimes choose not to take a bath because I’d rather not deal with the clean up of residue some bath soaks leave behind…such a buzzkill to a relaxed state, non?

I was introduced to Hydra Shower Bursts a few months ago and I was thrilled by their concept.  It is a little dome filled with essential oils and sodium bicarbonate that fully infuses the shower air with aromatherapy just by getting indirectly sprinkled or misted by your shower spray.  Hydra has 16 different Shower Bursts to choose from such as Relax, Cold & Flu, Hangover Buster, Eucalyptus, and Strengthen to name a few.  They last an average of 10-12 showers in my experience.

Not only does it provide inhalation therapy while showering, the scent permeates the bathroom giving your candles a well-deserved break!

*I highly advise placing the Shower Burst on a glass soap dish because essential oils breakdown (aka “eat away”) bathtub and plastic surfaces.

I love this as a bath alternative.  It is like stepping into aromatherapy steam! Deep breaths, deep breaths.

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