Essence Of Vali Sleep Soothing Mist

Goddess Huntress | Essence Of Vali Sleep Soothing Mist

I never do this.

I never write about a product that I have only had a handful of days with.  I marinate with products for at least 3 weeks before they get featured on GH.

As of last week, Essence of Vali Sleep Soothing Mist has eased me to sleep with a smile on my face and beautifying deep breaths.  My mom who has been having a hard go at sleeping the past month and is now having the best sleep she’s ever had thanks to this blue bottle.

Essence of Vali Sleep Soothing Mist is a blend of distilled water with lavender, ylang ylang, marjoram, and cedar. Just spray on pillow and/or sheets for a restful night’s sleep.

I am a sucker for cedar (I’ve been known to wear men’s fragrances) and lavender, so I thought this would just make my bed smell nice and that’s it.  I had no clue I’d be gracefully slipping into slumber in a matter of minutes…every night!

I highly, highly recommend having this on your bed stand and in your travel bag.

This isn’t just for those who have troubles sleeping, this is also essential for those who already sleep like a baby.

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  1. This stuff is awesome! I spray it on all 4 corners of my pillow every night. I usually fall asleep quickly and deeply. I adore the smell!