Earth Day Giveaway With Josie Maran!

Goddess Huntress | Earth Day With Josie Maran

In commemoration of Earth Day, Josie Maran and handsome Ian Somerhalder from The Vampire Diaries have created a limited‐edition, Honey‐Chamomile‐Lavender scented collection of Argan Oil‐infused beautifiers for face, hair, and body. The collection sales will help build the Ian Somerhalder Foundation and its Animal Sanctuary for abused animals.

Committed to providing a healing, educational journey for all living creatures. The Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) believes in the interconnectedness of all living things. By collaborating with other like‐minded organizations, the foundation channels its efforts into transforming our planet for the better. The ISF focuses on initiatives that preserve natural habitats, promote “greener” technologies, and protect our animal population.

With the help of friends like Ian who want to better our world, Josie is inviting each of her customers to be model citizens: Ten percent of the purchase price of every limited‐edition set will be donated to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation.

The limited‐edition collection contains a trio of Argan‐infused bestsellers, scented with an intoxicating Honey‐Chamomile‐Lavender oils and enhanced with a radiant, luminescent shimmer: 100% Pure Argan Oil + Radiance,  Argan Oil Hair Serum + Radiance, and Whipped Argan Oil Illuminizing Body Butter.

And guess what? Josie Maran is giving away her 100% Pure Argan Oil + Radiance to 5 Goddess Huntress readers! Yes, 5 readers!

For your chance to win: Share your tip on how to be more mindful of the Earth in the comments below. (Home, gardening, charity, beauty tips, etc.) Commenters that are GH newsletter subscribers have double the chances of winning!

CONTEST CLOSED. Winners will be announced Friday, April 26th here in this post.

WINNER UPDATE: Caroline, Jean, Wendy, Menua, and Trista…CONGRATS! I will email you soon for all of your winning info.

(Extra thanks to Ian Somerhalder for being so easy on the eyes!)


  1. Caroline says:

    I ride my bike or take public transportation and am part of a CSA!

  2. Rebecca Buchanan says:

    Slow down driving in the spring and summer. Animals are emerging, many are twitterpated and it just seems overall more vulnerable to to being struck and killed by motorists. At least I seem to notice this up here where I live in the north country of Vermont. My tip is slow down drivers or at least be more mindful when driving this spring and summer.
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  3. ellen willett says:


  4. Don’t litter! Buy a re-usable water bottle, and support your local farming community if possible :)

  5. Surbhi Gupta says:

    I consciously make an effort to take my re-usable bags to the grocery store. No Bottled water… I use a bottle with a filter-head instead…….

  6. Reuse everything you can…plastic bags, empty containers, and compostables:)

  7. I’ve started using natural cleaners around my home. Baking soda is my new best friend, and it works amazingly well.

  8. Keep a stash of reusable shopping bags in your vehicle and close to the back door so you never have to take a plastic bag from the store!

  9. Janet Schmidt says:

    Buy large sizes of things and portion them myself into reusable containers.

  10. Divide plants instead of buying new ones. Give them away to friends or join a plant/seed exchange program!

  11. Rebecca H. says:

    Do your best to minimize your use of disposable items, and try to switch them out for things which can be reused, and if not, then recycled. For example, don’t use Ziploc bags, aluminum foil or Saran wrap. Instead use containers which can be used over and over again.

  12. I like to use natural, biodegradable products for my body as well as around the house to eliminate unnecessary chemicals and waste draining and leeching into the earth. I also bring reusable bags to the market and buy local and organic whenever possible.

  13. christina says:

    What an awesome way to share eco-friendly ideas. I too have stopped using chemical cleaners and have been using vinegar, baking soda, lemon, and other natural items in place of store brands. I love to open the windows and enjoy the fresh air versus A/C as well! :)

  14. I really began using natural and non-toxic skincare, beauty, health and home items in earnest about 4 years ago due to health issues. (fell in love with Josie’s line a couple of years ago too!) We got chickens a couple of years ago too to use all of their bounty. I try to find alternate uses for items all the time. I love your newsletter, Monique!!! Thanks for what you do!

  15. I’m a GH subscriber!!! I love Ian, he’s so dreamy!!!
    BATWORLD.ORG is where I donate 50% of my proceeds from, I also have 4 free and vegan polishes. I try to use all organic products around the house, and most dairy products are organic.

  16. I only use natural products in my home for cleaning. It’s better for the environment and my pets!

  17. I use natural products to clean and when need a few things I walk often and leave vehicle at home . And I don’t use chemicals when doing yard work and summer time I hang clothing after washing as to not waste energy and water

  18. When packing my kid’s lunch for school I use only reusable containers, water bottle and utensils, this has been a great way to teach them about being less wasteful and helping them to see where else they can reuse and conserve.

  19. Menua Martinez says:

    Watch how you spend your money, it’s one of the most powerful ways we have of voting. Buying products that are certified “fair trade for life” or “USDA organic” will help spread the message to big companies that we want them to change the way they do business and if money is involved they will definitely listen!
    Lets continue to spread the word of how important it is to make smart green choices every day, this green movement is gaining awareness and momentum and by walking, using reusable bags, recycling and doing whatever else we can we will not only help but also inspire others to do the same.

  20. Katherine says:

    Use less water! Don’t let the water run while brushing your teeth or doing the dishes. Also buy a plant for your place. I love having live things in my space.

  21. I like to be more mindful with natural, animal-friendly and Eco-friendly personal care and beauty products. Get familiar with ingredient lists and company info so you know which ones to support and what products to buy.

  22. Layla Mairleitner says:

    non-toxic, cruelty-free beauty products and makeup, green home cleaning products.

  23. Support all things that are natural and sustainable! Buy a reusable glass water bottle. Support local and organic farmers. Support local animal rescues that do not euthanize. Use natural products as much as possible. I recently created my own air freshener at home by using water and essential oil and not only does it smell better but there isn’t a giant perfume cloud of toxins lingering in the air! Have your clothes air dry instead of using the dryer. Walk instead of driving. The list goes on! Try to be as natural as possible…your body and mother nature will thank you.

  24. We turn of the AC/ heat and just open the windows whenever possible.

  25. I ride my bike and try to make as many of my cleaning and beauty products as I can!

  26. Andrea Guild says:

    I use reusable grocery bags instead of plastic. I also try to use reusable cotton dish towels instead of paper towels as often as possible. Happy Earth Day!

  27. Angie 88ama88 says:

    Aside from recycling, growing some of our food, and the “if it’s yellow let it mellow” flush rule, my daughter’s (4/12 & 13 months), have been putting out extra bird seed and bird houses. We have also put out two butterfly homes. Any leftover food that can be fed to animals, such as millet, quinoa, corn, etc. we don’t use in our compost. We have a special area in our yard where we put which is near one of our downstairs windows, so we can watch them eat. It has been a great experience for my oldest daughter so far, and my youngest seems to be having a ball with it. Sometimes she gets a little too excited, and the animals can hear her and the back away for a bit. :)

  28. Grow what you can, make what you can, use less, buy less, and love what you have!

    • Oh, and I should add…support people and companies you believe in. The earth (and ourselves) are worth more than the few nickels and dimes that we save otherwise.

  29. I run a local produce co-op, I feed my family a whole food, plant based diet, we garden and have a small fruit orchard, raise our own chickens, clean with earth-friendly products, and of course follow Monique with her healthy and earth- friendly beauty product advice!

  30. I think all of what has been said above is great and wonderful! I myself do most of them as well and love it. It gives such agreat feeling! However, my biggest tip would be actually educating others the information that you know and spreading that information as much as possible. People listen to other people and learn from others so its very important to just keep spreading what you know. However, not only spreading it, but also emphasizing the reasons of why you do these things and the results you get from doing them. I believe that word of mouth has a powerful impact on others and when you see others changing their habits and lifestyles because they listened to what you said, it is SUCH a rewarding and humbling experience! It’s a beautiful thing. Aside from this, one thing that has not been mentioned and is a big part of my life is actually using herbs and plants as medicinal remedies instead of putting chemicals into our bodies. I would really suggest obtaining knowledge in the herbal powers. (I have a little testimony from this past weekend, even though I knew this is very beneficial, it was still great to hear it from someone else…my friend gave birth a couple of weeks ago and she has been talking about how when her newborn has stomach and digestion issues, she boils chamomile and gives her baby the chamomile tea which calms the baby down, relieves the stomach, and puts the baby to sleep. My mom has also given all of her babies baths in chamomile water which she claims was wonderful!) I also want to mention the use of essential oils in combination with other natural ingredients in making a homemade, fluoride free toothpaste and mouth wash. A DIY deodorant is also great and aluminum free. There are a lot of recipes out there! Finally, I would like to encourage everyone to to do more DIY natural and organic skin, body, and home care products as well as supporting local and especially organic farmers! In my opinion, if the demand for these goods goes up, they will eventually become even more affordable! Another reason to share the knowledge and not just do good for our own families. Good luck everyone and don’t forget to inspire each other, be creative, caring, and beautiful.

    Some great resources for ideas are “Gorgeously Green” by Sophie Uliano, “Natural Remedies” by Melissa Corkhill, and “Cure Tooth Decay” by Ramiel Nagel. (I am not trying to advertise anybody, but if anyone is in search of resources, these are some useful books).

  31. yasmine choudhry says:

    I have been wanting to try this skincare range for Ages
    I have changed all my normal light bulbs to energy efficient ones and close all the electrical switches never leave them on standby.
    if i buy any skincare makeup products that do not suit me i give them to my friends instead of just wasting them
    i never use the hosepipe to wash my car just a bucket full
    cut out long baths and now have showers have a timer too so do not waste excess water
    only buy food i need for meals and stop wasting all the food
    give to charity who need better environments
    thank you

  32. I have a wormery in the yard into which goes all my kitchen vegetable waste. The worms chomp it up into rich compost and it goes into my garden. A lot of flying insects also make their home in the wormery which can be a bit annoying, but the bats that live in our roof love it as they get a reliable supply of tasty bugs!

  33. I go green by recycling everything, taking the public transport & not using any plastic bags.

    I’m a subscriber. xxo

  34. Brittany says:

    I think it’s important with makeup to have items that are refillable. I love when brands make containers where you can just buy the refills. I think it’s not only cost effective for the consumer but it helps to not create so much waste from used beauty products. I really wish more companies had a recycling program like the “back to mac” program or sold individual pans rather than bulky packaging. Z palettes are great to store pans without the bulk and waste.

  35. I try to recycle all packaging. I remember back when we didn’t have weekly recycling trash collection. I hate to think back to how much we threw away in regular trash disposal. I know another truck means more fuel consumption but I’d like to think this helps our efforts rather than nothing at all.

  36. courtney says:

    use natural products–makeup, personal care and cleaning! fill your own bpa free bottles of water

  37. Mindy Berry says:

    These are wonderful comments and great support for being kind to our world. The only two things I can add that I haven’t seen are:
    First, I leave my cell phone at home when I walk our dog (rescue, of course). It was a little scary at first. What if I get hurt? What if I think of something really, really, important that I have to take care of right away? Now I see that this practice has opened up a time to connect with my dog, my neighbors, and even strangers. I notice what is around me including the earth, the sky, the clouds and so much more. This time helps me to be more mindful in everything I do. Second, and this may have been mentioned and I missed it, I try to buy as local as possible. My coworker supplies eggs, farmers’ markets supply a lot of everything else! We’ve recently started juicing. I felt badly about the large amount of waste but now we compost that and feel much better about that.

  38. I’m super mindful of the products I use for home (and for my body). It’s super important to me, that I don’t contribute to the toxic chemicals being dumped into our waterways. It may cost a tad more, but I choose products that are biodegradable and ecologically sound. It seems like it’s the least I can do, and makes me feel like I’m “voting with my dollars”.
    P.S. Does Ian Somerhalder come with the giveaway? Tee hee. 😉

  39. I try to walk to run my errands whenever I can and I support my local farmer’s market so that my carbon footprint for where my food comes from can be a little lighter.

  40. I walk to the grocery store and only use recycled bags. I also am mindful of the products I use and support local vendors.

  41. I organically grow the majority of my veggies for consumption during the summer and freeze extras for use in the winter.

  42. I’m an obsessive about recycling…my sister once found a post-it on her water bottle that read “please don’t forget to recycle me, and my friends in the trash :)” and for Earth Day, I sent out an email to over 1,000 people offering to call the local recycling center to get them on the list and drop recycling bins at their house!

  43. I try to be more mindful by buying lunch containers that are BPA free and avoiding plastic wrap whenever I can.


  44. I try to reuse before I recycle!

  45. We buy local and in bulk whenever possible. There is a great family-owned farm nearby where the cows and chickens are raised organically and on pasture. We stock up and then only need to buy fresh, organic produce. We also like to support small business owners – especially our favorite toy shop that carries super cool, earth-friendly brands. It’s challenging, but we try to be mindful that “free shipping” isn’t free for the Earth.

  46. I walk everywhere and buy local and organic produce and meat. I have started to buy and use products for my body/home that are green and natural.

  47. The best way to transform the world has always been to transform yourself– to find all the corners of darkness & hate within yourself and turn them into love, courage, truth, and forgiveness.