Kids + Sunscreen

Goddess Huntress | Kids + Sunscreen Application

My dear best friend of 30 years* has 3 uber cool children, aged 5, 3, and 1, who are all well-trained in being protected daily with SPF.  The other day she brought up a great question…

“Getting the kids ready in the morning for school or errands out can take so long because of sunscreen application, avoiding the white stuff on their clothes, and such.  I know you don’t advocate SPF sprays, but what will get them out the door in a more timely fashion and keep their clothes clean?”

Spray SPF. Yep, that is my answer. But, there is a caveat…


The key reason why spray SPFs are not ideal is the risk of inhalation. But, you can avoid all that by being creative…holding your breath and closing eyes during, then quickly walking away from the spray scene after and repeat.  This should definitely be done outdoors.  The kids will probably enjoy it better than hands vigorously rubbing away the white on their faces and it is easy to make a game out of it!

Now, I’m extremely picky when it comes to sprays (as I am with everything else!) and when I use them. You can say that I am sipping on the COOLA all that you want…their spray is my go-to for short spurt/light sun exposure.  (If I am going to have longer sun exposure, then I go with their cream Sport SPF 45).

COOLA Suncare was developed by surfers and surfers are avid users of spray SPF, so these guys made sure to create a highly performing spray.  COOLA Suncare developed sprays that give an even all-over mist providing good coverage.  Also, COOLA Suncare’s scents are divine and not synthetically derived…just make sure to smell them when the sunscreen is already on skin, not in the air!

Look for COOLA Suncare Spray to be carried soon by The GH Shop, in the meantime you can get your spray, hold your breath, and close your eyes HERE. Get their other good stuff HERE.

The GH Shop is donating 10% of each COOLA Suncare sale to the Melanoma Research Foundation during the month of May. Get protected!

*We have been friends since age 5…you do the math!

Yes, that is adorable Kelly Slater pictured above!