10 SPF-Boosting Superfoods

Goddess Huntress | SPF Boosting SuperfoodsHere are 10 superfoods that not only deliver delicious flavors and nutrients, they boost your skin’s natural SPF! ¬†These foods amp up your skin protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Vitamin C, phytonutrients, lycopene, flavonols, omega-3 fatty acids, polyphenols, Vitamin E, and more juice up our defenses and become our cancer squashing boxing gloves. ¬†(Note: This in no way replaces your daily sunscreen applications!)

Tomatoes/ Rich in lycopene, these juicy gems are best eaten cooked, which increases their SPF boosting potency. A study showed that eating 1/4 cup of tomato paste a day increases your natural SPF by one third.

Carrots/ Beta-carotene prevents sun damage and a study has shown it to also reverse sun damage with 30 mgs a day (about 6 carrots).

Sweet Potatoes/ Also rich in beta-carotene.

Green Tea/ Flavonols, specifically EGCG, combats free radicals and inflammation. Research suggests it reduces skin cancer risk.

Fish/ Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and selenium reduce the risk of sunburns. Be sure to eat fish that is less toxic, preferably wild. (Use this app as your benevolent fish monger guide)

Dark Leafy Greens/ Loaded in antioxidants, eating one serving a day has shown to reduce the risk of future tumors by 50% in those with a history of skin cancer.

Watermelon/ This fun, summer fruit is also rich in lycopene, a sunburn combatant.

Almonds/ Packed with Vitamin E, almonds can slow down cell damage as it protects from the sun.

Red Apples/ Apple’s red skin is loaded with triterpenoids, a chemical compound that has been proven to block or kill cancer cells.

Dark Chocolate/ Dark chocolate’s flavonoids shield skin from sun damage along with improving the appearance of skin.

And get this…

A Mediterranean diet rich in fish, herbs, citrus, and vegetables may reduce melanoma risk by 50%!

Which leaves me to ask…What’s for dinner tonight, Beauties?

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