Palm Springs Yacht Club


For Mother’s Day weekend my mom and I ventured over to Palm Springs.  We checked in at my favorite hotel, The Parker, brunched at Norma’s, drove around to view the modern mid-century homes that the Hollywood brass used to vacation in, meandered through the hotel gardens, and lounged around the pool with the Sunday paper.  The next morning we brunched then walked a few steps over to the Palm Springs Yacht Club for our first class facials.

The Palm Springs Yacht Club, also known as PSYC, is a sprawling, luxurious club with a yoga room, gym, indoor salt water pool (always heated to a warm 84 degrees fahrenheit), whirlpools, eucalyptus infused steam room, sauna, nail salon, and full service spa.

Being that PSYC features Tata Harper Skincare facials, there was no way we were going to miss out on having facial treatments!

We robed up, had a shot of cucumber infused vodka, and laid out on the chaise lounges by the indoor pool with PSYC’s iPads and picked out our music playlist for our spa treatments (they scored major points with this unconventional gal featuring Aphex Twin). We fittingly got estheticians both named Sylvia and strolled to our rooms for our facials.

I had the Hydrating Facial with a collagen mask, a film activated by moisture. Embarrassingly, I have been long overdue for a facial (you’d think I be on top of this stuff). You know that feeling when the dentist asks you if you have been flossing and you feel sheepish and exposed? Yeah, I felt the same way when she asked me when was my last facial!

After steaming, exfoliating, Tata Harper nourishing, collagen infusing, and neck, shoulder, and foot massaging (yes, there was a divine foot massage), I emerged with plump, glowing, and most importantly, breathing skin. 

Sylvia suggested a seasonal facial is ideal for most, four times a year.  I asked her if there is an ideal time during our cycle to have the facial. She said the week before we menstruate, which completely makes sense. As we all know from our PMS breakouts, our skin produces more oil and can trap more bacteria the week before our periods.  I’ll now be going to Sylvia for my seasonal facials.

After,  I got to tour their new nail salon, just re-opened last month, a gorgeous space that features Ten Over Ten Nail Polish, another GH favorite.

The Parker and PSYC are truly my Shangri-La.

Goddess Huntress | The Palm Springs Yacht Club

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Manifesto

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Robe

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Salt Water Pool

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Towels

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Logo Carpet

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Tata Harper

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Pillow

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Tata Harper Display

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Orchid

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Ten Over Ten

Goddess Huntress | Palm Spring Yacht Club Nail Salon

Goddess Huntress | Palm Springs Yacht Club Locker Room

Goddess Huntress | The Parker Palm Springs

*GH Travel Tip: Head on over to The Parker Palm Springs website, book their Spa Junkie Package and get a room for as low as $200 a night and receive a $200 credit to PSYC. Total beauty no-brainer.

For the Tata Harper curious, PSYC uses the following in their facials: Spa Regenerating Cleanser, Refreshing Cleanser, Spa Rejuvenating Serum, Restorative Eye Cream, Hydrating Floral Essence, Spa Rebuilding Moisturizer, Resurfacing Mask, Body Oil & Replenishing Nutrient Complex, and Aromatic Treatments.

First photo via Palm Springs Yacht Club


  1. This place sounds awesome. I hope to visit it someday as I have been wanting a facial with Tata Harper’s products. It’s hard to find a Spa that uses her stuff. Usually places use toxic stuff. :o(