Woodenspirations + Giveaway

Goddess Huntress | Woodenspirations + Woodchuck Giveaway

I adore all wooden product design.  Its grain soothes and is the perfect compliment to metal and glass. To me it just makes the product look so modern.

Here are a few items on my wooden beauty adore list.  A couple of them I already own, love, and continue to adore (brush and iPhone skin). Listen up, remaining 3, I’d like to acquire you…like ASAP!

1/Woodchuck iPhone Wood Skin

2/Villeroy & Boch Wood Tray (use it as a vanity tray!)

3/Yukio Hashimoto Wooden Teacups (also can be used for cotton ball/swab storage)

4/Alima Pure #25 Foundation Brush

5/Tarte Maracuja C-Brighter Eye Treatment

Goddess Huntress | Woodchuck iPhone Case Giveaway

I am giving away 2 Woodchuck iPhone cases (4/4S) to two lucky Goddess Huntress readers!

|Contest now closed| To win/In the comments below, share your favorite wooden item. This could be the tree you climbed as a child, a piece of furniture, the splinter you successfully removed, longboard skateboard, that rickety roller coaster…you get the idea!

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Winner will be announced here in this post on Wednesday, May 29th.

Winner update/Congratulations, Carris and Candi!!! I will email you both shortly!

After you submit your comment, check out Woodchuck’s Kickstarter campaign. They’ve got some sweet bonuses for your pledges!


  1. Simple beautiful

  2. Hi GH,
    My boyfriend and I recently made a beautiful dinning room table out of reclaimed wood, by far one of my favorite wooden items! I also dream of living in a cabin styled home one day, equipped with wooden beams and maybe even a wall paneled with reclaimed wood!

    Wood* love a Woodchuck iphone case :) Thanks for the opportunity!


  3. I adore my crazy bright colored iPhone cover … keeps me from losing it! But I love the roundup of items you collected!

  4. Definitely a wooden inspiration! Absolutely beautiful.

  5. My two most treasured wooden possessions are the hope chest my dad made for me when I was a teenager; now that he’s no longer with us, it means even more to me. The other well-loved piece in my house is a little nightstand that my boyfriend and I found at a garage sale years ago. It was really in need of a lot of work, but I liked its potential. My boyfriend put hours into sanding and staining it for me, and sealed a sweet written message on the inside of the drawer. We’re celebrating 11 years of marriage today, and I’m still waking up next to that same little nightstand.

  6. Samantha says:

    The frame/urn that our bulldog Olga is in. Sounds probably kind of creepy, but it’s a beautiful wooden box with a nameplate on it and holds a picture of her and says forever in our hearts <3

  7. My favourite wood items are all the antiques at my grandmothers house. There is a lot of history and hard work that went into them.

  8. My favorite wood item are my hard wood floors. We used to have cheap, ugly carpet and we saved up to replace that with our new floors. My husband and I did all the demo and prep work ourselves, so we feel a connection because of the work we put into them.

  9. My favorite wooden item is the handmade pen that my husbands grandfather gave me.

  10. Sheila Norman says:

    My favorite wooden item is a hand carved wooden tray given to me as a housewarming gift by a friend. It was made by a women’s collective in Africa and has a carved tree of life in it. Every time I look at it, I think of my friend and the beauty of this gift that so many hands worked on and it makes me smile.

  11. My favorite wood item is the wood bed that I saved up all my babysitting and lawn mowing money to buy when I was a pre-teen/teenager. It took me 2 years to earn the money for it. It was such a well made piece that I look forward to passing it down to my daughter when she’s finally ready for a “big girl” bed.

  12. monica anderson says:

    my favorite wood item was a cross my dad handmade for me out of a rare hard wood.I loved that cross necklace it was beautiful and meant the world to me.

  13. Deborah Shaw says:

    My fave wood item is my Japenese body brush–I use it every day. It would probably move to the #2 fave slot though if I got that phone case :)

  14. ellen willett says:

    the eye treatment

  15. Kim Henrichs says:

    My favorite is a bookshelf my dad made for me!

  16. Megan R says:

    My all-time favorite ‘wooden item’ is the tree growing through my parent’s deck. They’ve been living there for 15+ years now, so it’s huge! I used to climb it as a kid and sit up there and read books. Best summertime memories!

  17. Celeste says:

    An heirloom toy chest that I have had since I was little.

  18. Rebecca H. says:

    My favourite wooden item is probably the old chair sitting in our living room. It used to belong to my grandmother, and I remember her sitting in it. She was a wonderful lady so looking at the chair always brings back fond memories.

  19. Mindy Berry says:

    This was a really hard choice. I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s postings. After a lot of thought, my favorite wooden item are the trees that surround my house. They provide homes and food for all my woodland friends. I love to watch the squirrels running up and down them, chasing one another. These trees add so much to the quality of my life.

  20. The iphone case is so beautiful. Any more giveaways you plan to have?