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Goddess Huntress | Shape House LA

This month, I have been house hopping and sweating a lot.  I do yoga every day at Yoga House and getting a weekly sweat on at Shape House LA.

Shape House LA is an urban sweat lodge that is the exact opposite of our cliche visions of sweat lodges (does Arrested Development Season 4 come to mind?), it is a very chic, charcoal grey space with warming touches of orange and such a convivial staff.

At Shape House LA, you lay on a bed and are wrapped in a blanket that emits infrared light that is invisible to the eye and creates radiating heat without any skin damage (infrared light is not UV light). The radiating heat created then makes you sweat and also gives you a cardio workout similar to a very long jog because it raises your heart rate.  While you are sweating it out, you are treated to your own flat screen tv equipped with Netflix (I of course watched the sweat lodge episode of Arrested Development), Hulu, and Ted Talks to keep you entertained during the 55 minutes, along with unlimited alkaline water and cool wet towels for your head.

After your session, you are escorted to the relaxation room with chilled orange slices and more alkaline water.  Stay as long as you like and chat with other urban sweaters or just enjoy the solitude.  There is no rush to leave.

Far infrared technology has shown to improve body injuries, lower blood pressure, improve blood circulation, relieve stress, relax, detox the body, burn calories, and result in soft, glowing skin. You know how I treasure glowing skin!  After each session my muscles feel so relaxed and my mind is more sharp and focused…my mind isn’t in la la land like it is after spa treatments or a massage.

Goddess Huntress | Shape House LA color bottles

Goddess Huntress | Shape House LA Orange Slices

Goddess Huntress | Shape House LA Alkaline Water

Goddess Huntress | Shape House LA Tattoos

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Shape House

If you are in the Los Angeles area, definitely visit Shape House LA.  You may catch me in the Relaxation Room!

Shape House LA
434 North Larchmont Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90004


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  1. Is there any actual value to just going into the regular sauna at my gym or is the big benefit from the infrared wrap?

    • Vivian, there is definitely detox + skin health benefits to any and all sweat. Infrared technology does provide added benefit. There are infrared saunas…perhaps the one you use is. I personally prefer the blanket because my head stays cooler and I can also cool off by pulling out my arms for a few seconds.

  2. Ohhhhh… on my L.A. wishlist! Thank you for exploring and sharing!

  3. HI C Hi C says:

    I go to the Shape House twice a week, and I can vouch for the health and beauty improvements that are spoken of. When I leave, I glow, and everyone can tell….its a blissful, peaceful, extraordinary way to make yourself amazing!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Awesome! After my mom had a cancer scare, she invested in an infrared mat (ours is called the biomat) and an alkaline water machine. Both of my parents use the biomat every day. I’ve seen case studies linking it to the elimination of migraines and even cancer cells – pretty cool.

  5. Jerry Blank says:

    Another place for trend chasing hipsters to blow their trust fund money while trying to launch their cupcake business in an up-and-coming “Village” hot spot. Unwinding from “the stress” of managing their downtown loft refresh and their high six-figure income jobs. Oh, the woes of the rich. I LOVE IT!!!

    • Show me a hipster in 2013 that is launching a cupcake business and I’ll send you a bottle of champagne!

      • Jerry Blank says:

        Tee hee! I think this place sounds great but just a hair ridiculous! I’ll totally go. And I walkes down the street it is on and found two cupcake shops! Not kidding! And donuts at a snobby coffee shop nearby clock in at $4 each. C’mon LA!

  6. I can’t wait for Jerry Blank’s comments after she goes to the Shape House! She may be “Stranger than Candy” but after she experiences this she will eat her sweet words .