Ella’s Botanicals Hydrating Lotion

Goddess Huntress | Ella's Botanicals Hydrating Lotion

Since I’ve increased my sweat sessions with daily yoga and infrared treatments, I’ve increased hydration big time.  Not only have I increased my water intake, I’ve amped up my moisturizing.

These sweaty days I’ve been refreshing with Ella’s Botanicals Lavender Bliss Hydrating Lotion.  Avocado, coconut, sunflower, geranium, Vitamin E, and lavender oils hydrate the skin after each shower with an extra antioxidant kick of Japanese green tea.  Ella’s Botanicals Hydrating Lotion is not greasy nor oily, which is a fantastic departure for me since my love affair with body oils has left many of my clothes stained.

Ella’s experience in herbal medicine and aromatherapy is leaving me sighing “ah” and relaxing anti-aging breaths each day.  Lavender Bliss’s scent is just as superb as its moisture.

Hydrate with a sigh of relief HERE.

Lavender sprig illustration via Floating Lemons.