Last Lazy Days Of Summer

Goddess Huntress | Oh, The Shenandoah

At the end of August, Andrew and I spent the last lazy days of summer on the Shenandoah River with his family.  We stayed in a beautiful farmhouse with hay fields and a barn converted into a game room complete with foosball and air hockey.  Let’s just say that air hockey is more of my strength!

We lingered throughout the day on rafts and kayaks listening to symphony of crickets and those other musical bugs that I do not know the names of.  One night we even had a frog pay us a visit as we swung on the porch swing and dragonflies would land on our legs during the day.  Definitely a whole different ecosystem than California!

Goddess Huntress | Shenandoah Farmhouse

Goddess Huntress | Shenandoah River Farmland

Goddess Huntress | Water Hose

Goddess Huntress | Little Red Barn Shed

Goddess Huntress | Pink Flower Bee

Goddess Huntress | Canoes

Goddess Huntress | Caterpillar

Goddess Huntress | Country Road

Goddess Huntress | Shenandoah River

Goddess Huntress | Shenandoah Farmhouse Panorama

Goddess Huntress | Shenandoah River Panorama


What was your most memorable time this summer?  Share your summer memories in the comments below!