My Favorite Face Bar

Goddess Huntress | Gunilla Skin Alchemy Clean Face Bar [REN]

The last time I washed my face with a bar of soap? Um…this morning.

Of course this isn’t your run of the mill bar soap.  It is the clay bar soap I briefly mentioned a few posts ago.  A bar of soap that doesn’t strip your skin.

Gunilla Skin Alchemy’s Clean Face Bar [REN] is infused with jojoba oil, rose clay, and rosemary.  It clears and cleans up skin while providing moisture.  The Clean Face Bar is my powerhouse first step of my two step regimen.  I just follow with serum on moist freshly cleansed skin.

While we have all been so groomed on liquid cleanser, a face bar is extremely economical because it lasts so darn long!  Plus, when you travel it has no chance of spilling in your airborne luggage, just simply wrap the soap up in wax paper for your jet set ventures.

Pick up your Gunilla Skin Alchemy Clean Face Bar HERE


You can pick it up in person and chat with Gunilla herself at the GH Fall Beauty Event on September 26th!

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