Accessories By Elk

Goddess Huntress | Elk Spring 2014 Yellow Ring

Goddess Huntress | Elk Spring 2014 Studded Handbag

Goddess Huntress | Elk Spring 2014 Necklace

Goddess Huntress | Elk Spring 2014 Bracelet

Goddess Huntress | Elk Spring 2014 Accessories


My fashion snob self has expanded my views on sustainable, ethical fashion.  As you may recall my admission during fashion week.  There is finally some great design out there that embodies pure love and concern for resources, and I am becoming more aware of what brands I want to contribute to.

Now I will feature beautiful fashion and home pieces on Goddess Huntress weekly as a “Beauty Break”, to bring more ethical balance into our closets and homes…or at the least put them on our wish lists!

For the inauguration of the GH “Beauty Break”, I’d like to introduce you to the geometry of Australian brand Elk.  

Elk is a conscious fashion brand that sources their timber from sustainable plantations, dyes their leathers with vegetable dyes, and are large donors to global charities.

Above are a few accessories that I fell in love with from their Spring 2014 collection.  I absolutely love Elk’s geometry. These pieces dance between bold and subtle.

Elk is also now carried in the U.S. with select stockists!  (San Francisco MoMA Shop, De Young Museum in San Francisco, Aldea in San Francisco, Box Turtle in Little Rock, Firefly in Los Angeles, Camelion Design in Seattle, Carmel Bay Company in Carmel, Frances in Phoenix, Pelago in Oakland, Tilde in Portland, and Plum Goods in Santa Barbara)

Check out and shop their current collection online HERE.