A Day At The Races

Goddess Huntress | Win Place Show Del Mar Racetrack

I practically grew up on the racetrack. My father covered thoroughbred races as a photographer and my best friend’s family owned racehorses.  My best friend and I would always get dressed up so we could bet on the ponies…when we were underaged…naughty, I know.  My summers were spent in Del Mar during the race season.

Here is a little old Hollywood history on Del Mar Racetrack…It was founded by Bing Crosby, Gary Cooper, Joe E. Brown (Some Like It Hot), Oliver Hardy (Laurel and Hardy), Pat O’Brien (Some Like It Hot).  Amongst these entertainers was also Charles S. Howard, the owner of the infamous thoroughbred Seabiscuit.

Andrew and I visited the Del Mar Racetrack for the Pacific Classic a few weeks ago.  We took a very early train down, hopped on the infamous Del Mar double decker bus, caught a couple races, and then headed back up on the train to attend the Dodger Red Sox game.  Here are our pics from our quick Del Mar jaunt.

Goddess Huntress | Del Mar Double Decker Bus

Goddess Huntress | Del Mar Double Decker Bus

Goddess Huntress | Del Mar Racetrack

Goddess Huntress | Toledo Jockey Scale

Goddess Huntress | Del Mar Club House Admission

Goddess Huntress | Del Mar Racetrack Starting Gate

Goddess Huntress | Clyde Reavis Charles Whittingham Breeders' Cup

Goddess Huntress | Monique Reavis At The Races

Goddess Huntress | Del Mar Paddock Sketch Artist

Goddess Huntress | Pat O'Brien Bing Crosby Del Mar Racetrack

Goddess Huntress | Where The Surf Meets The Turf

The best part to the day was seeing my father’s photos on display at the track.  I grabbed a shot of the only one with his autograph hanging (Breeders’ Cup shot above).  He would only sign his name with a gold pen, a gilded touch. It moved my heart seeing the shine of the gold ink!

For a little nostalgia, have a listen of Bing Crosby’s Where The Turf Meets The Surf


  1. Summers I’ll never forget and cherish forever! Your Dad is
    Smiling down and so proud of YOU! You truly
    Are a Goddess…love you!