Tata Harper Revitalizing Body Oil

Goddess Huntress | Tata Harper Revitalizing Body Oil

This is a throwback post from December 2012…I have to whet your appetite with this insanely, delicious body oil because I have an exciting giveaway being announced this Friday, September 27th!!! Hint, hint!

Tata Harper Revitalizing Oil does just as it states on its label.  This luxury body oil completely nourishes skin with its rich ingredients of olive, sunflower, grape seed, and borage oils. Calendula, neroli, arnica, and natural oil blends create a fresh bouquet that induces energy and calm.  Even those around you will experience the fresh calm just by second-hand scent.

This is my absolute favorite body oil.  I douse it on after bathing and I also dab a few drops for fragrance and aromatherapy.  Now, if they’d only offer it in gallon sizes…

See you on September 27th for the grand giveaway announcement!!!