Forager Botanicals + Holiday Deal

Goddess Huntress | Forager Botanicals

When I cleaned up my regime, fragrance was the last to go…I’m talking two years late.

As much as I adore the sensuous memory of those perfume bottles, I now briskly walk by them in the marketplace and hold my breath.  I just cannot stomach them anymore (here is why).

Forager Botanicals is a fresh fragrance collection that doesn’t sacrifice your senses.  My two loves from their four scent selection are Woodland and Nectar.

Woodland has light notes of  pine and cedar that is reminiscent of an early morning spring walk through the woods.  Woodland is also reminiscent of beloved men’s fragrances, yet is very unisex.

Nectar is just like that early morning walk, but in a spring field.  Light feminine notes of honey, apple blossom, and grass create a sophisticated bouquet.  Nectar is feather light in aroma.

Forager Botanicals is the aura brainchild of Casey Coyle, who when pregnant sought after healthy scents and started to develop her line of fragrances.  She sought out to create fragrances that do not overpower, and she has done just that.  These scents become subtle and intimate as they wear. Forager Botanicals are handcrafted in Brooklyn.

Since I really love this collection, I asked Casey to do something extra special for you this holiday season…

Goddess Huntress | Forager Botanicals Holiday Discount

From now until the end of November, Forager Botanicals is offering you a sweet deal for the holidays.

Goddess Huntress readers will receive 20% off their holiday purchases at Forager Botanicals! Use code GODDESS at checkout.

Get a fresh start to your holiday scent shopping HERE