Interview With Philosophie’s Sophie Jaffe

Goddess Huntress | A GH Interview Philosophie

Sophie Jaffe is the green brain behind the superfood brand Philosophie.  You may have indulged in Philosophie’s superfood powder blends in some of the juice bars in Los Angeles, such as Equinox Gyms and Kreation Juice, or have seen it at Whole Foods.  Philosophie is incredibly delicious (hello cacao!), which is not a common trait with superfood powders (this is coming from an avid sipper of superfood drinks).

Having worked as personal chef for celebrities (ahem, George Clooney), Sophie uses her culinary creativity to incorporate superfood powders in all foods.  With Philosophie you can toss out the usual “just add water or your favorite juice” instructions.

Not only is she the antioxidant queen, she is also a mother of two…with impeccable glowing skin, I must say.

GH/ What led you to develop Philosophie? 

SJ/ Philosophie was born after I grew tired of working for a juice bar and creating cleanses for hundreds of people every month but not being appreciated (financially + emotionally) for my hard work. I split away and started creating cleanse programs for clients out of my kitchen. From there I noticed I was using the same superfoods in the same recipes over and over again, so combined them all into one jar to make my life easier. Thus, Philosophie superfoods were born.

GH/ You are very creative with recipes that incorporate your superfood powder and you are a mother of two. Can you share a couple ways you get your children excited about Philosophie?

SJ/ Yessss I have to be creative with two picky boys! Although they both have healthy appetites, my Virgo 3 year old decides what he likes and doesn’t and if that day he doesn’t like green, I need to get creative! I usually let Kai pick a food he loves or is craving and then use that as my inspiration. If he says he wants ice cream, I make a delicious Berry Bliss + Green Dream mousse and add tons of ice so he thinks it’s an ice cream. I’ll even put it in a gluten-free cone and add 4 rainbow sprinkles just so he’ll eat the superfood rich “ice cream”. If it’s breakfast time and he wants oatmeal I’ll add nut butter, some green dream honey and Cacao Magic powder for “Chocolate Oats”. If he wants a PB&J I mix one of the superfoods in with almond butter and layer it with fresh fruit + Philosophie infused manuka honey. I truly “Make Every Food a Superfood” because, why not?

GH/ I find it refreshing that you have “grounding dinners”.  Can you tell GH readers what that is?

SJ/ Most of the day I will eat a high raw food diet (lots of veggies, fruit/veggies juice, fresh fruit, nuts, etc) and that’s what keeps my energy soaring. In the evening I need to unplug, unwind and recharge. I usually eat a grounding dinner–something that makes me feel connected to my “yin” side and allows me to shut down for the night and relax. Sometimes that’s something comforting like a quinoa pasta and homemade sauce, other times it’s a piece of fish and roasted veggies. It depends on my mood + what my body is craving but almost always includes something cooked.

GH/ Which one of your superfood blends is the most power-packed for skin health?

SJ/ ohhhh this is hard to pick! The Cacao Magic is AWESOME for skin because it has raw cacao powder + nibs which are super abundant in antioxidants. Berry Bliss contains the highest vitamin C rich foods on the planet, including camu-camu. All of my clients notice an increased “glow” + clearer skin after using any of the superfood blends because they are loaded with the top antioxidant foods of the earth. 

GH/ Ok, you must have a naughty indulgence once in a while.  Divulge. (We won’t judge!) 

SJ/ once in a while? I have a HUGE sweet tooth. It’s an extremely rare day if I go without some sort of indulgence and/or chocolate. I literally eat raw cacao every single day. I laughed out loud when I saw this question because I’m sitting here chowin’ on these Cacao Magic truffles that taste like a mix between flourless chocolate cake and an almond joy. Life is all about letting go and giving in after you’ve worked hard and earned it. I work out and am active regularly, I eat super well most of the time and sweets make me happy. I have a blessed life and I intend to enjoy every moment and live it to the fullest. That includes indulgences! My mantra is “it’s a treat, not a cheat!” I see so many others in my field talking about “cheat meals”… that’s just not how I look at food. Food is beautiful and as long as it’s REAL food; anything is fine in moderation. 

GH/ Wow, that is probably the best mantra I have heard in a very long time!

Goddess Huntress | Philosophie Superfood Blends Recipes

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If you will be in Los Angeles this weekend, November 10th, you can meet Sophie Jaffe at Goddess On The Go.  She will be serving smoothie samples to all of the attendees.  Come get your cacao on!