Got Shampoo + Conditioner Suggestions?

Goddess Huntress | Got Shampoo Conditioner Recommendations?

I have been asked many times what healthy shampoos and conditioners I recommend and I always answer, “I’m still searching!”  Also as you know, my results may not be your results.

I have problematic hair.  I love my hair, even though it needs constant taming.  By taming, I mean brushing.  It gets tangled just by breathing.  Within a half hour of doing nothing my hair gets tangled into one big dread. Let’s just say my Wet Brush never leaves my side, like my iPhone.

My hair is long, wavy, and highlighted (my chosen vice).  Dryness is my foe that needs coaxing.

I have dabbled with a handful of shampoos and conditioners this year and have found most of them to leave my hair waxy, heavy, and dull.  The formulations are not refined and I’m assuming the molecular structure is a bit chunky, formulas holding onto my hair strands for dear life, unable to rinse away. Not a fresh look, I must say!

The past couple of months I have been using Giovanni Avocado & Olive Oil Ultra-Moist Shampoo and Conditioner and I am loving every bit of it.  My hair drinks up the moisture, leaving my hair shiny and light with great wave and movement.  No residue.

The only qualm I have here is “fragrance“.  According to their website:

Fragrances can refer to essential oils, synthetic fragrance or natural fragrance and each can be present by itself or in combination with each other in a product formula. With regard to fragrance the majority of Giovanni products contain only natural fragrance and essential oils. When synthetic fragrance is used in certain products it is necessary to ensure product stability.

It is unknown if the fragrance used here has synthetics.  I have emailed Giovanni Cosmetics to find out the specifics.  I will let you know on the response.  I’d like to not toss such a great hair duo in the trash!

My fingers are crossed.

What are some of your favorite healthy shampoos and conditioners?