A Double Rainbow Love Story

Goddess Huntress | Double Rainbow

At the end of all the crazy hoopla we experienced last month, Andrew and I got to celebrate our second anniversary of dating.

It was the day after Thanksgiving in 2011, when we reconnected in California.  Our mutual friends organized a Route 66 pub crawl.  I was in for the holiday from New York.  I abstained from the festivities because I worked all day on images and copywriting for the scheduled revamp of Goddess Huntress 2012 (it is the beautiful space you see now, thanks to this gal).  I told my friends I will be working, but when they are at the classic dive bar named The Buccaneer, that is a five minute walk from my mom’s house, to text me and I’d head on over for a cocktail.

The text came in around 4pm and my laptop-committed-self was damn ready for a libation and socializing.

I walked in and there he was at the back of the dive bar. I hadn’t seen or talked to him in years and he swept me up with a big embrace.  (To preface we went to high school together, he was a couple grades above me.) He tells a friend immediately that I was the one that got away.  We ditched the crew and went on our own impromptu date that night.

We dated long distance for about 6 months, I then resigned from my menswear design job of 10 years, and moved back to California.  Soon after, my jaw dropped when Oprah’s producers used our love story for a show! (That still hasn’t hit me yet, I must say.)

He is my rock and my singing jukebox all wrapped up into one.

Here are pics from our anniversary. No pub crawl, just a celebratory, romantic gondola crawl through a beautiful canal with Champagne, a few rain drops, and a duo of rainbows!

Goddess Huntress | Double Rainbow

Goddess Huntress | Gondola

Goddess Huntress | Aloha

Goddess Huntress | Gondola Canal

Goddess Huntress | Clearing Skies

Goddess Huntress | Aaaargh, Pirate



Goddess Huntress | Gondola

Goddess Huntress | Double Rainbow Palm Trees

 I am one lucky woman!