Happy Holidays

Goddess Huntress | Happy Holidays

There is something magical about December.  In 31 days you get cozy with friends and family, indulge in delicious goodies, get holiday boozy, have a euphoric slow down at the office (for some), have lots of sugar at work (for most), bundle up giddily up with a blanket, get a little lazy, and look longingly for a healthy clean up pretty much immediately after the 25th, and finally pulling that healthy trigger January 1st or 2nd.

No month can party like December. No month can cleanup like January.

Goddess Huntress | Bake BUTI Beauty Bubbly Break

With the intensity of my last few months, I’m going to bask in the holiday lovin’ the next two weeks and unplug.  Andrew will have 2 weeks off, and I’m going to savor every moment of it, we never get this freedom nor have we had a chance to fully enjoy our new home and neighborhood. I’m looking forward to my holiday daily regimen of bike rides, BUTI Yoga, baking, cooking, impromptu singing, boat rides, hugging my family and friends, getting beauty inspiration from magazine editorials, and playing with new beauty.  Life is too wonderful to not slow down and take notice with our loved ones.

No emails. No new posts….just Instagram, of course!

I am so grateful for your loyalty and enthusiasm and I cannot wait to rock 2014 with you all. Grateful.

Have a WONDERFUL Holiday season, my beauties!

I’ll return Monday, January 6th.

(and guess what, in January I will be conquering my two biggest fears…YouTube and foundation. Holla!)