My 5 Fit Essentials For 2014

Goddess Huntress | My 2014 Fit Essentials

I must admit, I had not only a gluttonous holiday season, but a gluttonous 2013.

The irony is that ever since I moved to back to California during summer 2012, I have gained weight.  What is considered the land of the fit is really the land of my fat for me.

When I lived in New York, I was in the best shape of my life.  I lived in a walk-up building on the fifth floor, scurried and ran for the bus everyday, bolted up and down stairs to the subway daily, I walked an average of 20 miles per week (albeit not at a strolling pace), was very mindful of my diet, and to top the calorie burn off…I went to the gym 3-6 times a week.  Just living in NY is a huge calorie burn! In California, I have to seek out a crazy burn of calories…my zip code doesn’t guarantee it, unfortunately.

So, I’m determined to get that body back in 2014 and these are my beauty sweat essentials:

Goddess Huntress | Fit Essentials for 2014

1/ Fitbit Force 2/ Nike Flyknit Air Max 3/ Marika Tek Galaxy Print Legging 4/ RunKeeper iPhone app 5/ Bobble BPA free filtered water bottle

In addition to these essentials, I have resumed a vegan diet (organic as possible) with a protein spike of organic eggs, when protein calls, and lots of water (the only minus is the middle of the night bathroom break). I bike pretty much every morning 11 miles along the beach.  In the afternoon, I run a mile with my two labradors (they lost their waistline too, last year). Then I run another mile or more solo around sunset. On off days I do BUTI Yoga or just swap runs for BUTI.

That’s my plan, Stan.

What are your fitness essentials for 2014? Share with us in the comments below.