Alima Pure Natural Definition Mascara

Goddess Huntress | Alima Pure Natural Definition Mascara

Finally!  A clean mascara that WORKS!

I never thought that last sentence would ever be typed by my fingers.  I threw my hands up and gave up on the clean cosmetic industry a while ago, only in regards to a great performing mascara. Thankfully, I was proven wrong…and I LOVE being proven wrong.

Much gratitude to the wonderful team at Alima Pure, who successfully created a mascara that feels, acts, and looks as a normal yet, great mascara should.

Voila! Alima Pure Natural Definition Mascara.

Goddess Huntress | Alima Pure Natural Definition Mascara

Alima Pure’s Natural Definition Mascara lifts, boosts, and thickens lashes appearance with a long lasting finish.

I’ve been using my Alima Pure Natural Definition Mascara since July (yes, I’ve been holding out on you) and the formula texture has maintained its freshness from day one…it hasn’t gotten clumpy, dry, nor thickened, a distinctive attribute other mascaras in the dirty world can’t even boast about. The brush’s shape is simple and delivers separated lashes.  The only clumping I experience is when I don’t remove my eye makeup the night before and reapply with the wand the next day…and when that happens it is so easy to separate (for all my other lazy beauties out there).

The color is rich in saturation and looks fresh all day as if it just was applied.  No dusty, off-color, textured, overly coated lashes here…take that dirty mascaras!

I had my mom (not a day does she go without mascara, nor stilettos, nor un-immaculate makeup) try it out for a couple weeks.  After I usurped the tube back, she says that she really misses it and asks where she can buy it, it was that good.

Alima Pure Natural Definition Mascara. Dirty makeup mom tested, dirty makeup mom approved.

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  1. Mum’s know best! I was lucky enough that the second natural mascara I tried turned out to be my HG, but I’ve heard it’s way harder for most. You’ve definitely got me intrigued about what Alima has to offer though, may have to venture away from my HG just for fun 😉

    Mayah x

  2. you need to try pure anada’s mascara! it was love at first brush for me.