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Goddess Huntress | Marie Forleo's B-School

Are you looking to create your own brand and business? Already have a business and want to take it to a pro level that reflects every facet of your being? Wish that your website and social media could be more streamlined and bring in the cash while you sleep, play, and vacay?

Then, Marie Forleo’s B-School may be just for you.

Goddess Huntress | My Biggest Marie Forleo B-School Bonus Yet



I started working with Marie Forleo three to four years ago.

Homegirl knows her sh*t and homegirl commands results with all of her business students. I started Goddess Huntress almost 5 years ago (GH’s 5th birthday is March 15th!) with a thriving fashion career.  I knew I needed the tools to take Goddess Huntress from hobby blog to a professional website and business, but had no clue about what, where, how.  At that time, I saw Marie Forleo at a casual event and loved her magnetism (she is a refreshing firecracker of a woman). I subscribed to her newsletter and emphatically decided I must work with her…and as they say, the rest is history.

Goddess Huntress | I Was Featured On Oprah



Working with Marie expanded my life and my business. I still count the blessings every day.  I left my first dream job: designing for Calvin Klein, for my second dream job: cleaning up the toxic cosmetic industry with Goddess Huntress.  I left the dreamy island of Manhattan to return to the soothing palm trees of California.  Soon after my return to California, I was featured on Oprah’s Lifeclass…yes, Oprah…thanks to Marie. Now here I am designing my newest issue of GH Mag (you are going to LOVE this healthy nail polish issue), working on my own cosmetic line, and having fun doing graphic design for some private clients…crazy, right?

Goddess Huntress | Shatter Your Ceiling


If you are ready to start your own business, take your business to new heights, increase your profits, here is what Marie’s B-School brings you:

B-School is an 8 week online training program that shows you step-by-step how to build a unique and profitable brand, market more effectively, and turn your online presence into a money-making, world-changing machine.

Not to mention being a part of the thriving B-School alumni, which is the most priceless, engaging, and supportive group of entrepreneurs. There is plenty of business to be had in this network.

Plus, don’t miss out on Marie Forleo’s training videos as you enroll:




B-School enrollment closes March 5th and is only offered once a year.



If you enroll in B-School through my link, I have a couple VIP bonuses for you:

1) You will receive the coveted GH Fresh Start Set.*  The Fresh Start Set is a curation of six full size beauty products that send you on your merry way to a cleaner regimen. I include these GH favs:

  • Alima Pure Eyeliner
  • RGB Cosmetics Nail Polish,
  • COOLA Suncare,
  • Zoe Organics Foaming Bath Wash
  • Kensington Apothecary  Rose Balm
  • Valentina’s Home-Brewed Prosperity Massage Oil
  • Goddess Huntress cotton tote.

Goddess Huntress | GH Fresh Start Set

The Fresh Start Set is only reserved for media and celebs. Not for sale.

2) You will get access to a private brand image consulting with me.* As you are becoming a marketing, sales, and copywriting pro with Marie Forleo, you’ll want to present your message visually like a pro too.  I will teach you how to create your own professional images for blog posts, Instagram, and Facebook that your readers will clamor to pin onto Pinterest. Without Photoshop…yes, without pricey Photoshop.  Giving you independence and saving you money to use your graphic designer and programmer just for the big stuff.  All in a matter of a couple hours!

Here is what your consulting will consist of:

  • learn how to quickly create graphics using creative fonts, photos, and color.
  • learn how to create a successful image composition and layout that is impactful and reflects your unique brand.
  • learn how to make text pop and not disappear amongst the background image.
  • receive a visual assessment of your website, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages.

Total value: $625

Explore + enroll HERE

*Bonuses are only available if you sign up through my affiliate link


Opinions are all my own…as always.