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Goddess Huntress | Cheeky Monkey Nail Polish Giveaway


This year, I just got acquainted with Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics, a spicy pants nail brand that is not only high quality, but  also 5 free!

5 free is always my M.O. 3 free just doesn’t cut it in my book.

You probably know that 3 free nail polish means that it is without the main nasty toxins: formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP).  5 free takes it two steps further sans formaldehyde resin/tosylamide and camphor.  Less is more.

Some of Cheeky Monkey’s color names will make you snicker and blush.  I’ve been sporting a great Cheeky Monkey nude on my fingers called No Bra for the past couple weeks.  Next week I’m moving on to Granny Panties, an opaque white…come to think of it, I’m going from topless to completely covered!

Cheeky Monkey’s full spectrum of 60 colors are also cruelty free!

To celebrate Goddess Huntress’ 5th birthday, Cheeky Monkey is giving away a nail trio to 2 lucky Goddess Huntress readers!  

The first nail trio is a base coat (Wet Dream), a soft pink with a hint of berry (Bite Me), and top coat (I Like It On Top), pictured above first row at top from left to right. The second trio will include a shimmery champagne pink (Hoe Hoe Hoe), second row above.

Simply log in with your facebook or email below, and enter by posting a comment below.  Take advantage of the bonus entry options offered to increase your chances of winning!

*Contest only open to continental United States and Canada (those silly chemical transport laws!)

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Contest ends at midnight EST March 28th!

As you know I have a new issue of GH Magazine on healthy nail polishes coming soon…it is going to be bonkers!



  1. This is great- I’ve had a, allergy to most general nail polishes that I remember – perhaps I’m allergic to the nasties in them!

  2. I am wearing a lovely teal green!

  3. Love the names!

  4. Kim Henrichs says:

    This spring I am loving pale pinks!

  5. Love the names and the colors! Perfect for spring!

  6. Reds and pastels!

  7. Teal is definitely the best nail color ever :)

  8. Samantha says:

    I am enjoying a rainbow of nail colors :) This brand sounds fabulous!

  9. I love bright shades for summer! I really want to try a bright orange nail polish this year.

  10. Rebecca H. says:

    I’m looking forward to the pastels!

  11. Natalie Z. says:

    I purchase my mainstream polish brands from my fave salon. They had brought in a new brand and I purchased one. The next time I came back the brand was gone. I questioned what happened because it looked like it had some cool colors. The Esthetician said she removed the product from her shelves because of the health warning she finally found that said: “unsafe for pregnant women”!!!!

    I’m ALL for a nail polish brand 5 FREE!!

    Keep up the good work ladies!!

  12. Great colors, Fab names!

  13. Pretty Spring-like colors!

  14. I am lusting for nudes and pastels this spring…out of character for me!

  15. Lindsay McCain says:

    Nudes this spring.

  16. Mint green

  17. I would love to try these!!

  18. Nudes on my fingernails and bright, punchy reds and pinks on my toes.

  19. Jenna Ali says:

    How’s the staying power and dry time?

    • For a girl that classically chips her manicure on the first day (yes, I’m that aggressive and yes, I’m speaking in 3rd person) I went three days without a chip. As for dry time, waiting for nail polish to dry is so torturous for me, it always feels like I’m watching water boil…so I can’t give you a proper, quantified answer to that one!

      • Jenna Ali says:

        I’m a first day chipper, too! Office job, kids, complete clumsy oaf… I’m a perfect storm of manicure ruinage. Hey, if you can talk in the third person, I can make up words. It’s only fair.

  20. Michele H says:

    I’m very ready for spring this year and I’m thinking of every shade pink imaginable!

  21. pastels wih a touch of bling

  22. pastels with a touch of bling

  23. Always in love with romantic dark reds and deep pinks! Also, anything with sparkles!

  24. Jennifer Sitz says:

    navy blue

  25. Loving sweet alimony!

  26. Sabrina T. says:

    Pastel Pink

  27. I’d love to wear a nude holo!

  28. Teal

  29. I’m excited for bright, summery shades!

  30. I am considering buying more blues and I am wanting to get my first green nail polish. I was never brave enough for green, but now I am really wanting to try green now.

  31. Mindy Berry says:

    Love the colors and the names. Makes me realize I need to take my glam up a notch!

  32. Love the rose pinks.

  33. I’m really loving teal right now!

  34. Denise F says:

    Pastels are really drawing my attention.. pinks, blues, greens :)

  35. I want to try a shimmery coral

  36. I am loving wearing nudes and pastels for Spring!

  37. cara james says:

    Mint and coral!

  38. I love a bright grapey purple!

  39. Katherine D. says:


  40. i’m thinking some coral or champagne gold.

  41. becky tomlinson says:

    I love to wear bright colors in spring. Like hot pink, teal, purple and it has to be sparkly either glittery or a holo finish.

  42. Mint green def!

  43. I’m going to try more pastels, like baby blues and light purples.

  44. Deanna mancini says:

    I dont really follow “seasonal” color pallettes…my mood directs my color choices :) im all over the spectrum

  45. Megan Johnson says:

    I love my pinks and corals.

  46. Adrienne says:

    Pastels don’t suit my skintone so I’ll be wearing bright, saturated colors this spring!

  47. Menua Martinez says:

    Pink! Haven’t polished my nails pink in a while and I’m definitely looking forward to it!

  48. Tamara C says:

    Pastel pink and Pastel blue!

  49. Tricia McBroom says:

    I am so excited for all the pastels!

  50. I am hunting for the perfect shades of greens! I’m a little obsessed with stamping and other kinds of nail art so I just can’t do a solo color anymore.

  51. Katharine G says:

    I’d love to have soft pinks and fresh pastels. Light blue, light green!

  52. I’m going for purples–lilac, lavender, orchid, deep purple.

  53. I am super excited for nudes and pinks!!

  54. veronica torres says:

    greens, purples, black n red

  55. I’m partial to nudes!!

  56. I love pinks and purples :-)

  57. All the colors of the rainbow!

  58. Stephanie says:


  59. I’m excited about wearing light shades of green.

  60. I want to try pastels this spring.

  61. Rebecca E. says:

    Pinks and reds! I love them so much.

  62. Oh I can never just pick one colour! I have been loving nude polishes a lot, but some of my favourite colours for spring are aquas and minty greens. And lavender!

  63. Anything holo!

  64. I’ve just put on my first mint polish for spring, and it’s inspired me to wade through the rest of the untried minty polishes in my stash!

  65. Red And Black <3 Awesome Giveaway Thank You For A Chance To Win !!!

  66. Love the name of the company and the colors! So fun for Spring! :)

  67. Lori Duncan says:

    I’m loving soft pinks and pale orchids.

  68. Shaelyn Luketich says:

    Love the name of this brand

  69. I’m loving pastels right now! I need to check that nail polish brand out!

  70. Sara Foster says:

    Lilac and mint!