Goddess Huntress | Kona

Last month Andrew and I were blessed with a trip to Hawaii for a little R&R.

I had my first surf lesson in Kona which wasn’t so successful (note to self: don’t take surf lessons that are offered by lava rocks and with an instructor who doesn’t know your name nor introduces himself).  Even though I gashed my arm, I’m ready to try again…elsewhere…(and Andrew is super proud of my scar!).  Whales breached 20 feet from us and were underneath our boat during our National Geographic-esque whale watching trip, which was phenomenal and filled with awe.   Then my mind was fully blown by Pomaika’i Brown, the Hukilau Cafe chef from 50 First Dates, who serenaded us at a couple luaus.  50 First Dates is one of my favorite movies of all-time…poor guy must think I’m a nut case taking 20 photos with him!

Over in Oahu, I got to meet Andrew’s extremely accommodating college friends and stayed in a beachfront house made entirely of coral (yes, all coral), which was absolutely divine.   Across the street from the coral house was Kualoa Ranch, where parts of 50 First Dates was filmed…which meant more geeking out on my part! We ate like locals and cooked like locals.  Hey kimchi, poke, Aloha Maid juices, and Foodland, I’m coming back for you!

Being that I fell head over heels in love with the islands, I had to make another week of it.  This time it is with you. Let’s all go on an island vacay together on Goddess Huntress!  No flights to board, just check in here every day this week for some aloha beauty and a bonus aloha Beauty Bite recipe on Friday!

Enjoy our pics!

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