Shikai Coconut Hand & Body Lotion

Goddess Huntress | Coconut Shikai Hand & Body Lotion


It is no secret.  I’m a HUGE coconut fan.

I try to be surrounded by it on the daily. Being that I don’t trust hotel room offerings, I always bring my moisturizer in tow.

Prior to our Hawaii trip, I picked up Shikai Coconut Hand & Body Moisturizer. It smells delicious, absorbs quickly, and doesn’t ruin your clothes a few minutes later. The scent is not overpowering, nor lingers past your scent curfew (I, on the other hand do not have a coconut fragrance curfew). Fantastic to have at your office desk for some vacation time at work.

A simple moisturizer that goes along way with coconut, borage oil, shea, and aloe.  An easy island go-to.

Get yours HERE.

Goddess Huntress | Aloha Come back tomorrow for an Aloha Week Beauty Bite…cukes are on the way with a bit of kick!


  1. Katherine says:

    I love Shikai’s creamy coconut lotion! It is my go-to for moisturizing my arms and legs during the dry summer months, and the scent is yummy, too, but not overwhelming.